Where is "aircraft.cfg" file for the DEFAULT Cessna 172?

I have need to find the “aircraft.cfg” file for the DEFAULT Cessna 172 (Asobo-aircraft-c172sp-classic)
NOT the G1000 version. I can find them for the other liveries, but not this one! Even the “Bible” says “every aircraft has an aircraft.cfg” file, but there doesn’t seem to be one for this aircraft!

Any help would be appreciated!


Some Premium versions of the planes are locked in a fsarchive


You can’t access that file. End of story. BUT, what do you want from this file?


NOT end of story, but a continuation of a sad story that has been in the telling for over a year now !!

Opening up the Premium .cfg file for Modders.

I wont even start to repeat this story, as it frustrated the hell out of me, and the way it has been brushed aside when mentioned in Q&A, with vague excuse like Licensing" , excuses , delays, and evasive answers.

We are still waiting … 2nd to last Q&A it was announced that the “Licensing issues” had been resolved, but still, nothing has changed…

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For now… :slight_smile:

Some had suggested you can still mod the planes, you just don’t know what the defaults are as they are all encrypted.

However I remember trying the following once. On the possibly incorrect assumption that the AS1000, and Classic 172’s are practically the same, I took some of the AS1000 config files, and copied them across into the folder where they would be if they weren’t protected.

I made some changes to those files, and saw no difference, which led me to believe that the files were being completely ignored, and the ones inside the fsarchive cannot be overridden.

That was last year some time, so perhaps that situation has changed, but I find it unlikely.

Well, what can I tell you before I get into trouble.

basically, the Asobo DRM planes can be Modded, in that you can make your own files in community, to replace the files that the plane has in Official, but you also have to replace the xml files that tell the plane where some of it’s files are.

SO, you do have to write some new configuration files , almost from scratch.

This is why anyone who want to Mod an Asobo DRM plane -------

(that they paid for, and that only those who have also paid for it can use the mod, on their paid for plane),

----- seeks to have the .cfg & .xml files removed from the list of files encrypted, so they are easily modified.

The files like the MODEL etc still remain encrypted, so you need to BUY the plane to have these encrypted files, installed into OFFICIAL and recognized as being there, for the plane to run.

So sharing encrypted files… it just wont work, and the Purchased plane is still secured from Piracy.… but those who have paid for it, can mod it, or used mods for it generated by others “Who have legally purchased the plane”

It really is a NO-BRAINER, and it is disappointing that it is taking so long to get these basic Configuration files, out of the DRM protected list.

Wait few more weeks, and maybe this issue will at last be resolved, and those with Modding skills, will be able to finally FINISH the Premium Planes to a suitable standard, something that MS/Asobo seem to have abandoned after taking consumers money for them, in favor of adding more Eye Candy “Gaming Content” - I assume with the aim of increasing sales of the base product. ?

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The purpose of needing the file is I’ve been flying missions with NeoFly. Within NeoFly, you can add your own unique liveries, but you need the EXACT name of the aircraft that is in the “title” line of “aircraft.cfg”.

I’ve textured several aircraft and would like to add the “classic” 172 into NeoFly’s database with my unique liveries. I believe the title for the Classic 172 with wheels is “Cessna Skyhawk 172Sp Classic” (and would like to know for sure) but I do not know what the titles are for the Classic Cessna with floats and skis.

The Cessna with the glass cockpit has an “aircraft.cfg” file for each type, so I was able to capture that.

Thanks all!


You can see those titles in things like SPAD.

It is easier than you think to accomplish what you want. It seems you do NOT need the entire description of each Cessna 172 from the hidden aircraft.cfg.

  1. Open up your settings menu in Neofly and in the aircraft section, select the Cessna Skyhawk G1000 from the pull down menu.
  2. You will see that all of the details (type, engine, qualifier, range etc) all fill into the section below the aircraft name, as does the name Cessna Skyhawk G1000.
  3. In this LOWER line, DELETE the G1000 part of the name, so it only reads Cessna Skyhawk.
  4. Now, click the middle of the three yellow buttons (add aircraft to the database) and hopefully this will add a “Cessna Skyhawk” to your available aircraft to buy in Neofly. You can check in the pull down menu and it should be added at the bottom. You did not have to change any weight, performance, or other details because it used those details from the G1000 version.
  5. Now, back in Neofly, start looking through airports (via the search missions tab) until you see a “Cessna Skyhawk” available for sale. Move your pilot to that airport and buy it.
  6. You will now see a “Cessna Skyhawk” in your hangar.
  7. Let’s say you have a custom livery with the registration C-GKJK (or whatever). Simply give your new Skyhawk that registration in the hangar.
  8. In MSFS, go to the airport you want to fly a mission from, and load up the livery that matches your registration.
  9. In Neofly, set up a mission (or flight) from that airport, and select “Cessna Skyhawk” as the aircraft.
  10. Tell it that YOU want to fly the mission.
  11. You should then find that Neofly will allow you to fly your personalized livery.

Here is the key I discovered… It seems that EVERY Cessna Skyhawk responds to the two words “Cessna Skyhawk” in the Neofly database. It does not need additional identification. You don’t need to tell it if it is on wheels, floats, skis, etc. You can fly with any Cessna Skyhawk in your MSFS collection, even Bagalous mods. And if you want to buy another Skyhawk, just add it to your hangar, give it a registration to keep you straight, and let that one be on floats every time you fly it, while another reg is on wheels every time you fly it…

This is what I did, and it works for me. AND I also found a way to add the T-6 into Neofly, even though the aircraft.cfg is hidden for that as well. BUT that is for another occasion.

I hope that this works for you. As I say, it did for me.

Good luck!!

  • Kenneth

THANKS Kenneth! That is a belly full! LOL! I’m very new to NeoFly and still have a ways to go, but this does help a LOT. I’ve made several liveries for our sim club, and they were having issues with the errors poppling up because I didn’t use the proper “title” of the aircraft when I made it.

Anyway, I don’t have enough $$$ yet to buy any aircraft to test it out. Perhaps this isn’t the place, but what’s the point in buying any unique “livery” in NeoFly when you can select whatever you want in MSFS to fly?

Thanks again!!!


just an fyi, you can find the ‘aircraft.cfg’ title name from the dev mode ingame
just go to the ‘aircraft selector’ screen and it will list all the aircraft you have with the correct name neofly wants - after that any livery for that aircraft should work? im no neofly guru on that one :stuck_out_tongue: