Where is Diamond DA40 Anti-Icing

one stupid question - when I am flying a Diamond DA40 in icing conditions - I don’t find a possibility to use anti-icing. Pressing “H” (for alternate air) seens to have no effect. Also I ha pitot heat on - but no matter - my plane got iced and doesn’t melt anymore.

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No anti ice system on da40.
Only pitot heat.
Da40 is not designed for icing conditions

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OK - that explains why I didn’t found the “switch” :slight_smile:.

Thank you for your answer! Top!

As Anthony said, none of the DA40 models are certified for ice.
The alternate air is really an emergency measure (and meant for wet snow or other stuffclogging the air filter only)

One thing no simulator will ever give is the feeling of carrying ice on an airplane that is not built to carry ice! Lot’s of deep soul searching happens IRL after such an experience!

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I’ll tell ya, flying at 10000 feet in the Pyrenees in a DA40 using a motion platform in VR gets pretty close. I just fell out of the sky near LFMB with a diamond, and … it felt pretty realz, lol…

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two workarounds (which break immersion). Change weather to very hot for some minutes or bind a key to De-Icing, this way you can use it anyhow even in planes that are not equipped with it. The keybinds for de-icing I think are unassigned, not sure.

These weather presets have a de-icing weather condition included : DNBOF - Weather Presets Pack » Microsoft Flight Simulator