Where is everyone

I’m currently flying out of Salzburg LOWS to Gatwick EGKK. I have all live services enabled and I’ve yet to spot another aircraft be it multiplayer or live traffic.
Admittedly I don’t have nameplates enabled as they clutter the screen.

But it’s early evening I’ve not seen any aircraft lights in the distance or heard any other aircraft talk over atc.

Anyone else find this?

I’m on series x here.

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I don’t have an Xbox and do not know its UI, but in the PC version, we have a multiplayer toggle available in general options - data. If there’s something similar, try toggling off and back on to refresh your connection with the multiplier servers.
Best of luck!

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Will try that, I had it off recently, but enabled it today actually.

Something is definitely amiss though, I normally here some atc talk over the radio from other aircraft.

Live weather and photogrammetry is working fine.

In that data tab I mentioned should be all your online feature toggles. You’ll see if anything else was turned off. Sometimes the sim does this when it has low internet bandwidth or no internet.


Checked all on still.

Actually just spotted another aircraft. Maybe toggling did work. Also enabling nameplates I can see a few multiplayer nameplates in the far distance.

And as I type atc just spoke to live traffic.

Perhaps on off of multiplayer triggered something.


Forgot to mention that after toggling off and back on the multiplayer, you should wait a few minutes at least. The multiplayer connection is not instant and takes a while to show 100% of who’s around you.

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I should perhaps enable nameplates, at least that way I can tell if things are working.

Just a shame the nameplates are so big and seem to show multiplayer aircraft about 50 miles away and not in very close proximity.

Turn nameplates on, I did some flights with friends and they flew close to me but I could barely see them.
The multiplayer will show you the closest 50 planes, in quieter places that can mean seeing some folks pretty far, not having anyone near.

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You’ll never hear ATC talk about “multiplayer traffic”, in case that’s what you were wondering: ATC is only concerned about AI (possibly injected from real-world traffic) aircraft - but never multiplayer.

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2515 Airspace near Edwards AFB. Practicing Aerobatics in fighters.

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I was running parallel with some inbound flights to Naples. I was flying to there from Malta myself using the GotGravel Vertigo. In fact, we had two go-arounds while I was passing the base leg into Runway 24, and I was held up crossing the active to my ramp spot as they finally landed.

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Yeah as my flight progressed I was noticing a lot more live traffic, I don’t normally have the multiplayer enabled personally.

when you use vatsim with only group on you’ll see a lot of traffic in western Europe

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You can change servers also, look under your user info box, top right of screen except while in flight. Some times a server will just be quiet. Not always the best idea if the other server(s) have a high latency for you.

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