Where is located the rolling cache by default?

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I can’t find Rolling cache folder and file. Where is it located by default since I haven’t changed it in the General options. Now that I had to delete the Game from my D drive before clean reinstal, I need to delete also the rolling cache that may take up to 16 G on my C drive. Windows uninstall had not worked and I had to delete manualy the game. From reading a few posts I understand I should search for a file called ROLLINGCACHE.CCC but I can’t find it on my C drive. Thanks !

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I7 Intel
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The default location for rollingcache.ccc for the windows store version is:

If uninstalling MSFS from the Apps and features in windows 10 then it will remove the entire folder:
which should also have removed this file. However, for downloaded in game content that has been placed on the D drive then this uninstall method will indeed leave that data intact.

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Hi tamalien,
Thanks very much. Yes, this folder has been removed but since my C drive size haven’t moved after the uninstall, I was not sure the cache was gone. Maybe I had no cache stored.

Thanks again!