Where is my bottleneck? Tips for potential upgrade

It’s a known fact that increasing memory speed vs actual memory amount is not going to help.

That is due to not utilizing…

Direct X 12

Direct X 11 does not utilize multi core/thread nearly as well of efficient as DX12

Depends on your CPU. The new Ryzen cpus perform better with faster memory speeds. With intel it doesn’t seem to matter much.


It’s not a known fact at all, no idea where you got that from. FS uses insane system memory bandwidth which, with good enough hardware, can easily become the bottleneck, in which case RAM with lower CAS or higher clocks can certainly help.


So many people in this forum seem to think that switching to DX12 will magically fix all the performance issues in FS; spoiler: it won’t. http://www.redgamingtech.com/how-much-better-is-performance-with-modern-apis-directx-12-vs-directx-11-opengl-vs-vulkan/

The engine needs some major optimization, independent of the graphics API being used. Maybe in updating to DX12 they would also do that work making a better experience, but it’s not a given.

Going form 16Gb to 32GB is where the big increase comes from not the mere mhz increase.

One being bottlenecked by the IPC and Ghz of ones processor. Everyone is. DX11 is limited in it’s multithreading capability and generates too many draw calls that exceed any CPU in existence today. Even if it scaled to other threads, the mainthread is really the cause of your lower GPU usage. It is the case in P3D, XP11 and FSX. This has always been the #1 reason why frames are always lower in flight sims. You would think that P3D, as being a DX12 application, would fair better but the legacy ESP engine code is still way to single threaded focus. It’s very easy to see. Load a PMDG 777 in P3D. The frame will vary to 40-50FPS. Pause the sim and your frame will jump by almost 80%. This is because simulation code and draw calls are on the same thread and limited your CPU to drive your GPU.

This is not rocket science. Asobo needs to port their engine to a proper DX12 engine. (not like LM did) and implement DLSS. This is the only way we will ever get 60 fps in this sim. A RTX 3000 series will not help anyone. We need overall lower draw calls combined with spreading the load across enough threads that it doesn’t bottleneck the GPU. When you increase the render scale, all you are doing in loading higher resolution to your GPU (just like DSR), it doesn’t provide you more frames.


Time to revive this topic. Definitely will be going Ryzen Zen 3, following the announcement today. A question remains. What are your opinions when considering the 12-core 5900X and the 16-core 5950X? Does anyone think that having the king of kings (5950X) would have benefit the flight simmer more than the 5900X or would it be irrelevant at this point to dish out the extra cash?

As far as GPUs go, there isn’t a RTX 3080 in sight anywhere. Which means we can patiently wait another 20 day to see what RX 6000 series will offer. Will it best Nvidia and at what price? Will there be inventory in stores? Once this part is answered, I’ll be ready for my new build. Your thoughts?

I’m pretty happy with Zen 3’s announcement of today, will very likely upgrade my R5 3600.

Regarding your question; from what I’ve seen so for 6C/12T seems to be enough for Flightsim (and any other games, and 8C/16T will already be sort of overkill (The IPC upgrade and improved architecture bring some good to the table as well).
But I think that going for any more core/threads than this is complete overkill, and will not be used outside of productivity software.

AMD already were king of multi-threaded workloads, only thing Intel was beating them on was single core (gaming) performance (and it looks like AMD is stealing that crown as well). So yeh, save the extra bucks and go for a 5600X or 5800X.

edit: and as always, wait for independent benchmarks (I suggest Gamers Nexus)

Well, if I’m going to go for a 5800X … the price difference to get the 5900X isn’t too great. Might as well go for this beast. Agreed on overkill for 5950X.

Well. I have a Ryzen 3900X @4400MHz and a RTX 2080 SUPER @2055MHz. Most actual drivers are installed. When I fly in the evening @NICE Airport my framerate drops to 1-3fps and it is not playable anymore. And I do not have everything @Ultra and @200. How did you get these perfect FPS??

Base sim airport or a mod / download one?

Bought and downloaded from the marketplace…

That might need an update then.

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I have that at nearly every airport when I fly by night or evening anf the lightings are on.

Hello, im new here. I read somewhere else, there are few problems with last fs2020 Update, thats the reason for much lower fps. I think youbhave to wait for fixing them with new Updates.

My sepcs CPU 5800x, with 6800XT and 32GB 3600Mhz Ram, i have got only 15 - 20 FPS in Frankfurt Airport under Ultra settings with 2K resulotion and Flybywire A320x. All cores are on 4750Mhz and my 6800xt performs with 2300-2400Mhz during flying. For test, i flew from approach till landing with Cessna, also 15-20 FPS. I set under Adrenalin software, overcloking mode. I think, i havent the best setting under adrenalin. Do anyone use also 6800xt with this low Performance oder better performance then me? Greats from Germany

Oh you flew into an unoptimized airport.Its not well optimized atm along with LGFG.