Where is the Aerosol Density slider gone?

Benelux area btw gives alarm of record high aerosol, small area and high pollution rate, due to high population density and filthy german ruhr basin.

You could make it such to have two sliders, one for relative humidity, the other for solid particles (or whatever you wanna call this), and let the visibility be a product of RH and condensation nuclei. I still don’t see this as being useful, not for VFR and definitely not for IFR.

What I would like to see is a simple slider which says “visibility” in meters or km. It would be stupid that in order to simulate a 125 m RVR low visibility take-off, you first need to spawn on the runway, adjust two sliders to match 125 m RVR, then spawn at the gate and prepare for flight.

I know that with RVR its a bit more complex to simulate than simply selecting 125 m visibility as it is depending on runway lighting, intensity relative to the background (e.g. day versus night. But a visibility slider would be a good start. Just as every simulator before has had a simple visibility slider :sweat_smile:.

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