Where is the Fuel Condition Lever in the Cessna Skyvan?

In the Check List for Cessna Skyvan there is under Staring Engine the Position “Fuel Condition Lever” but when i choose it to show me where it is it shows some levers but not which one is the right one. How can i know which is right?

Do you mean the Caravan?

I cant start the Cessna. Now it seems to be dead. No ATC suddenly. What went wrong?

Oh yes Caravan. The slightly bigger one.

And now it hangs at “Starter” trying to use Checklist Auto Complete instead.

Try CTRL-E to confirm it’s not a step you’re missing or some of your control bindings are interfering with the start up.

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Ctrl-E is just like cheating tbh. I dont understand how it comes that the plane is dead when you strictly follow checklist. Even starting over wont work. ATC is suddenly dead too.

ATC might be dead because there’s no electrical power to the radios. Unless you’re talking about no sound? Does the radio dialog box show them responding?

How can this happen? And how can i fix it?

CTRL-E is being used as a check to make sure there’s nothing else interfering with the plane. If it starts up on CTRL-E, you’re either missing a step or you have a controller or Community Mod interfering with the checklist performance.

Ctrl+E did not work out too.

The Fuel Condition Lever is marked the Engine Condition lever, next to the Flaps Lever.

CTRL-E worked for me. You probably have something interfering with the Controls. Consider emptying your Community Folder and disconnecting all hardware controllers, restart the sim and try CTRL-E again to confirm.

Its not highlighted via Checklist. Thats why i could not find it.

Ok - recommend trying following the Checklist again first.

Empty the Community Folder? There are airports, liveries, planes and others in it. ANd we are talking about 100gb+

Well, there are liveries that can interfere with the airplanes if not properly configured. Removing Community folder is usually one of the first steps to eliminate something interfering with the plane.

The point that of emptying it is to eliminate the possibility of an addon interfering with something.

Just rename it, and the sim will create an empty folder. If you don’t have the issue any more then it’s likely an addon is a causing it.

If it make no difference simply delete the empty Community folder, and rename the original folder.

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I just plan the flight again and now ctrl+e worked out. So i guess the community folder wasnt the problem right? But what was the problem?

That’s a really good question. :wink:

I know what CTRL+E does, but not exactly how.

It’s possible your previous flight was in a state that could not be recovered by that key sequence.

Do you by any chance have the Black Square analogue Caravan, or were you using the Asobo default one?

Its Air Caraibes livery. I usually dont use ctrl+e cause its like arcade mode. So i wonder. Maybe battery was dead. But after one or two minutes?