Where is the keyboard assignment folder hidden?

After update 6 - custom view ctrl/alt save is corrupt.
The view is high frequent shake freeze. Not able to reset.
Tried a couple of weekends to troubleshoot.

This weekend I uninstalled every addons and finally the msfs 2020.
Checked PC for all content gone.
Reinstalled I was surprised that a lot of setting was saved somewhere. Language -music…
I moved the large content folder from C to E to be sure no remnants was linked to sim.

After 6 hours of install - The old keyboard and joystick saved assigments is still there - saved somewhere…
And of course the corrupted keyboard config. Run out of options now.
Is it saved in a type of cloud?
My PC is within spec.
Is it possible for a money back, and let MS delete everything. And purchase a brand new clean one?

For info -
I tried a walkaround with different key assignment for custom view.
Example custom save
Ctrl + z + 1.
Hitting z +1 and the same freeze shaking view appears

Yes, it is saved in the cloud, and restored with a re-install.
Did you purchase through MS Store?

Try this:
Make a new custom keyboard.
Do Not use copy. Create a new one, with a different name so you can remember the old from the new. Save it and test it.Reassign the keys you want.
Keep the old custom keyboard for now and use it as a reference to help remember the key mappings.
Once you’re happy with the new custom set, delete the old one.

Do the same for the stick.

I try it.
Anyway - I go for preselected views.
Not as good as custom views in more complicated aircraft CRJ - DC6. Even with trackir some views are arkward.
Hope msfs will not detoriate more in future updates.

Yes - MS store.

Here is the loction of the config files.
Some are just junk , others are readable text.
Ignore the junk ones.
You should be able to find the keyboard in there.

For Microsoft Store Version files located:


Thanks - a short cut paste example
Is this normal?

</Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEBUG_X" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="x">88</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEBUG_Y" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="y">89</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEBUG_Z" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="z">90</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_THROTTLE_FULL" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="F4">115</KEY> </Primary> </Action> </Context> <Context ContextName="DEVMODE"> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEVMODE_CLOSE_DOCUMENT" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="CTRL">162</KEY> <KEY Information="w">87</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEVMODE_CONSOLE_TOGGLE" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="æ">222</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEVMODE_COPY" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="CTRL">162</KEY> <KEY Information="c">67</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEVMODE_CUT" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="CTRL">162</KEY> <KEY Information="x">88</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEVMODE_DEL" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="DEL">46</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEVMODE_DUPLICATE" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="CTRL">162</KEY> <KEY Information="d">68</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEVMODE_EDITION_CAMERA" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="TAB">9</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEVMODE_FIND" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="CTRL">162</KEY> <KEY Information="f">70</KEY> </Primary> </Action> <Action ActionName="KEY_DEVMODE_NEW_DOCUMENT" Flag="2"> <Primary> <KEY Information="CTRL">162</KEY> <KEY Information="n">78</KEY> </Primary>

This is what you are looking for, but these are the keys for Developer mode.
Keep looking until you find the one that specifies views.

The views seems normal - but I can check in detail.
I just wonder if the dev and debug keys had impact if they should not been installed.
They all are at the date I reinstalled - but with old content.
BTW - another strange thing happened after update 6.
Alt + 1 (same as custom view) Always end up with a popup view of my document folder. - even in fullscreen.
Maybe I hit some strange keyboard combinations while checking the trackir bug, and saved it?
(I did not know that the trackir was common bug back then).

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