Where is the S.55?

For months you published an identical roadmap. It is set to release on May 17th. A couple of days ago we were told it would release on May 19th in a forum post. I still fail to find the aircraft in the marketplace, or any blog or forum post connected to it.
I doubt the roadmap had an error for months, it seems more likely the developers ran out of time.


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Delayed. Read the Development update blog mate.

The announcement said about 17.05 according official sources, next , 17th they told about … Thursday so it wasnt the trut about 17.05!

After Thursday still no S.55, LOL !!! Whats going on in Asobo now?

VR bugs doesnt solve (small fix for 2D windows).

They are going backwards :angry: … !!!


No, they said (offcial posts, here) 17.05 that it will be realsed 19th of May. So they’re not telling the truth again?

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Ok I see it: May 19th, 2022 Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator


Our Local Legend IV: Savoia-Marchetti S.55 is also delayed. More information on this soon. Thank you for understanding!


LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:, so why they didnt give the truth 17.05? The same An-2, no info ect., just promises. No, I dont understand. Developer knows very well its possible or not for week or more before. They have good marketing now but the rest its a retreat in development (example VR and not fixed addons like Ju-52, Fokker, Dornier, all bugs was posted by community, no changes here or very small). They react too slowly and too long. Fatal news for us :face_with_thermometer: .

The sim currently isn’t working on Xbox. The marketplace has been suspended on consoles so I think it’s related to the delay of the aircraft.

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Im on PC, XBox doesn’t interest me. XBox problems doesnt exlude udpate for PC users.

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Way to show a bit of empathy, mate. :+1:


Of course, but I guess Asobo wants to release content simultaneously on all platforms, and the emergency fixes probably cause delay in their schedule.

Id like to but firstly it was a problem with An-2, till now no any good info about this plane (they recived solution and they did nothing), the second - they did update yesterday in Marketplace as you can see in his blog, in plans it was 17/05 - release, pls see this: https://i.imgur.com/mdxgRnX.jpg . If they always do update of Marketplace in the Thursday I think You don’t have to be very smart to give a date right away 19/05 and not to deny on May 17th that it will be “as always” on Thursday. It is rather a mess, Im right?

Second - they broke in SU9 VR (2D windows so the whole toolbar), till now no any hotfix. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good opinion of Asobo at the moment.


Another day gone…
Can we get an official word on this?

Asobo’s been pretty upfront with letting us know about delays and stuff. Usually it just takes a few minutes of reading to find info, which is pretty good for a project as big as this

For the S.55 they told us that it would be delayed from the 17th to 19th and on the 19th let us know that it was delayed again, with more info to come

For the AN-2 they’ve literally told us what’s going on. With the situation going on in Eastern Europe, i think it’s reasonable to cut Antonov some slack

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No cant agree, sorry. We dont know nothing about S.55 and An-2.

About An-2 pls describe where is a problem more exactly? The model was planed (and it was confirmed) for February, 02.22 before Putin’s army attacked UA https://msfs-cdn.azureedge.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/DR_2022_01_06-jhgfdd.jpg (maybe you didnt remember this) - so it has nothing to do with the truth, it is merely an excuse now. Till now no any problem to contact with Antonov stuff also and with developer from ATSim.

This is not a big problem with An-2 in current situation (honestly for me), the biggest problem is that they dont fix old his models from Local Legends (like Fokker, Junkers and Dornier) and postpone their predictions permanently despite some obvious matters. In dedicated corner you can find many posts about bugs with FM, 3D model, animations and textures and some of systems. Here is problem, in the case of 3th party developers such cases are solved immediately or within a month. On top of that, now there was a delay with S.55 as on 5/17 they said it would be through on 5/19. You really don’t have to be super bright with such planning ;).

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To be fair, the last sim update did have a big patch for the Fokker, and the one before that had a big one for the Junkers.

As for the Junkers, the main change seems to have been the tooltips and checklists, which seem to be easier to understand and closer to what they should be, but it’s still rather tricky to get the thing started. And I haven’t noticed any real change in the flight model–it’s still extremely floaty.

As for the Fokker, I tried that yesterday and noted quite a few important improvements. Such as, the fuel panel valves now work as they should, and it’s now possible to start cold and dark without needing a mixture axis that the plane really doesn’t have. It seems to fly about the same and now doesn’t seem to have any trim functionality at all. I don’t know if that’s realistic but at least it’s a change :wink:

Asobo didn’t have the license when they put that date on the development roadmap, and the roadmap is simply that, a roadmap. Updates and product releases get delayed all the time, it happens.

Jorg has been clear for months about the delays of the An-2, he was very open about the licensing issues. It’s release has been delayed multiple times because of it.

2 and a half months ago, Jorg again updated us on the status of An-2. They still don’t have the license for it, they have lost contact with Antonov and they aren’t going to bother them while their country is being invaded.

people need to lighten up about release dates - by now everyone should be familiar with the concept of ‘unforeseeable’ delays…and why there is such a word in the dictionary


I have great difficulty believing that contact with Antonov has been lost, did you make that bit up?

Why would I make something like that up? Watch the video that I posted. Those are Jorg’s words, not mine.

Antonov is a Ukrainian company based at 2 airports on the north side of Kyiv. When the Russians invaded, its facilities were basically in the front lines and suffered accordingly. Remember the An-225 getting blown up? That was at the Antonov facility. So of course communications went out, personnel got scattered, possibly killed or wounded.

HOWEVER, the Russians have pulled out of this area now. And the other day, I read on some flightsim news site (can’t remember which nor find it again now) that Antonov has reestablished contact with Asobo and that the An-2 is back in the pipeline.

Why are folks getting so upset about this delay? It’s not like they were giving it us.

Or like they are contractually obliged to release it on a particular day. Or at all for that matter? They could tell us they’re not bothering because the sky is grey today and it wouldn’t get me rattled, up to them I suppose isn’t it?