Where is the S.55?

Found the source finally. It’s the last part of the 28 April 2022 news blurb on msfsaddons.com Here’s the thing itself: https://msfsaddons.com/2022/04/28/tidbits-from-the-latest-msfs-dev-qa-moddable-premium-planes-italy-update-information-antonov-news/

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Ok, we are after update of XBox, so where is S.55 for PC users? Still no news about the release. This Thursday in Marketplac?

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It’s threads like these that sometimes make me wish you could downvote posts


So much. Part of it I put in the bucket of people for whom English is a second language so it’s not meant as harsh as it sounds, and some of it seems to be spoiled 8 year old kid entitled kid attitudes, so I cut some slack. But, boy, are the entitlement as if they owe us something or they should die attitudes annoying.

It’ll come when it comes. Relax, don’t they have anything else to do with their lives? Wow.


It was already mentioned yesterday by Jorg in the Dev Q&A that the real world license for the S.55 remains with Leonardo, the aerospace manufacturer. They have two signatures pending on the use of the product in the sim, and Microsoft can’t release it to market until that’s settled.


Thank you for finally offering an official word on this.


Thx for reply!

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