Where is the "self-help" category?

On some people’s posts, I notice a moderator will come in and type the words, “moved to #self-help”. I click on the hash tag link and it doesn’t take me to any place in the forum titled “Self Help”, it shows the same location the post originated in.

My question is, is self-help a category or sub-category all to itself? Or it means something I don’t understand? When reviewing the category page that shows everything, all I see is a “Community” header with sub topics like “general discussion” within-- such as where I’m posting now.

I’ve used forums before, but this one seems to have many more layers and sub-sectors than I’m used to seeing. It seems to go deep, but somewhat far laterally as well. Can someone help me make sense of how it’s layed out? Thanks.

Hello @b3burner ,

thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Can you provide a link to a post where this tag was used, so that I can check it more easily?

In order to make the forums more user friendly the forum is restructured once in a while. #self-help was probably changed to #self-service.

Oh, I’m sorry. I meant self-service. It said self-service.

Is that a sub-category or just a hashtag link? I’ll try to find an example and link it below… hold on a second…

… here we go …

Naming order of weather presets - Community Help Center / Weather - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

You can see the hashtag reads “self-service”, but there is no sub-category that says “Self-Service” in so many words; inside the community folder, or any other category. This is why I’m confused.

I see, I will check if this can be changed in the future.
Currently the system is as follows:
If you type in the # and then “community…” and then click on the appearing Community Help Center drop down item, it will insert #self-service . If a user clicks on this, it will take them to the intended category Community Help Center even though it does not match the self-service tag by name. The #self-service tag refers to the larger Community Help Center Category, while e.g. #self-service:wishlist refers to one of it’s subcategories directly.

I hope that clarifies it a bit.

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