Where to discuss the default aircraft?

Some time ago the forum was restructured and the categories for the default aircraft (which was divided into separate sections for piston engines, turboprops etc.) were archived. However, it is not clear to me where you can post questions about the default aircraft now.

The Student Pilots category is for guides only, the self-service is for questions about PC & Hardware, peripherals, home cockpits, but no section for the default aircraft. The bugs and issues have sections for aircraft systems and such, but the purpose of this category seems to be bug reporting.

What if you just want to know how to fly an aircraft, how to operate the avionics? What would be the appropriate category?

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For these questions the #student-pilots:basic-gameplay-help is the best option!

Thanks, I did not look there. As a long time simmer, the words student, basic and gameplay did not appeal to me, I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I would love to see separate sections for the different aircrafts, but in the meantime, I will use your suggestion. Cheers.

@corvus5624 you’re right… but some of the bugs sections also allow non-beginner questions,

I once opened a topic panicking about the autopilot when I accidentally switched that thing on (C172) and lots of members were coming in with tips about how to handle it and how to switch it off again. If you open a topic not really about a bug, rather a misunderstanding about something unclear to you, you’ll meet people prepared to answer your questions.

I was kind of put off by the category description, but it is good to know that people help you regardless. There are lots of friendly helpers in this forum!

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