Where to purchase navigation chart

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I need a guidance, where can I purchase a softcopy of navigation chart for worldwide airport?

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You can subscripe to have the charts for almost all airports around the world. and you can even install the navdata directly into the sim.


With a little research you can find out free resources for every country. I fly wherever in most Europe referring to national aviation official publications. Of course they have different standards but for me is part of the pleasure in flight planning.


If you like flying airliners Navigraph subscription is the best thing. If you are a GA flyer than you can find alot of old or useful free charts.

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  1. Navigraph is the best because it can be integrated into some planes in the sim. You can also download the charts app for Windows and track your flight too.

  2. Flightaware.com You can get charts for many, many airports there and also some sectionals. They’re free, but you need to download them individually.

NavDataPro Charts , thats what I use, really useful.

Charts on iPad is a great little tool as well. I have my iPad on a goose neck stand over my throttle running this.

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Consider taking a look at free online resources such as https://chartfox.org/
They might save you a buck or two.
Otherwise, Navigraph is the #1 of nav data and charts for paid services.

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A couple of free official sources:
US (searchable)
UK: This one’s a pain. Click the eAIPPackage link to go to the most current data. On the left side of the next page, click Aerodromes under Part 3. When you expand the link to each airport, the last entry is for charts. Click that, and the charts menu comes up on the main section.
I’m sure there are more, but they may be in other languages. For most airports, you can do a search for the ICAO code with the word “charts” and stand a decent chance of finding something useful.

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