Where water meets land it glimmers!

I’ve upgraded to SU10 and having very good success so far. I do have one weird issue in that where land meets water there is a thin greenish line between them that glimmers. This happens no matter where I fly. It’s very distracting given that it glimmers in almost a horizontal direction. It always seems to be on one side of the water due to perhaps the sun reflections?

I tried adjusting AMD FIDELITYFX SHARPENING from 0-100 and it doesn’t make a difference. I’m using FSR and have turned off the sharpening at the driver level also but I would assume that the application level sharpening would override it.

AMD 5900x
RX 6800
4k Samsung QLED monitor @120Hz
HDR10 is on
FidelityFX Super Resolution is on (scaling up to 4k)

Edit: unfortunately, it doesn’t show up very well after dumbing down the pic to post.