Wheres the map

we need a map
is there ever gonna be a proper map that i can look at during flight
like in the pause screen
used to be you could pause the sim and look at an actual map
not the ■■■■■■ little nav map in this sim

Not exactly in sim, but have you tried Little Nav Map? Much better than anything you’ll find in-sim. Navigraph is also fantastic but is a paid service.


Yup little nav map is what your looking for, it will even track your location while you fly.

no update today ?

Around 4:00 eastern if I read the notes right 21:00 zulu .

+1 for the excellent LittleNavMap. Its an absolute masterpiece and is one of the best free gifts to the FS community along with the likes of Zibo 737, A320NX, AddonsLInker etc.

Highly recommended, if you have a second monitor (or your TV is close by) it really comes into its own.

You can even download Google Maps for it (Road, Terrain, Satellite).

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