Which aircraft is this?

That was a special price. Presently it costs 80USD.
You are comparing apples and oranges since ~75% of the DCS F/A-18 is about its radar and weapons simulation.


Sorry, what? I normally sim on plenty of stock aircraft. Honestly these mach 2+ aircraft looking to have fun with my son together. He’ll really enjoy that. But the F-15 is not available?

An F-15 is available. Just Flight - DC Designs F-15 C, D, E & I Eagle (for MSFS)

The post you responded to is complaining/arguing about the price of MSFS fighter jet add-ons compared to add-ons for DCS, which is irrelevant to the thread.

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Why is it that the x-plane and DCS fanboys always feel the need to badmouth everything MSFS related.


I’m in the F-15E now doing Mach 2.539 over the Philippine Sea otw to YSSY from RJTT.

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Ego’s. Some people just like to feel superior and more knowledgeable…though they are not. If some of these guys had their way there would only be sims for serious ‘professional sim pilots’. Given their knowledge and skill level its a surprise none of them have made their own flight sims just to cater for the few.

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I’m on DCS, this, and I happen to LOVE the Ace Combat series. They’re all different animals. I think the condescension is nonsense as well.


Awesome. What is the usable maximum altitude ceiling on the F-15E as represented by the sim?

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It doesn’t matter what you are using for your fun. MSFS, Xplane 11 or whatever. What matters is that you are enjoying yourself. I have both sims and enjoy both.


Don’t know who you’re talking about but i love ace combat.

I’m pretty sure it’s 60K, but I tend to fly at 45-50K for speed. There’s a very good sweet spot there, especially if you are in the NATs.


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Quick question - if you purchase something directly from MSFS2020 Marketplace, such as one of the third party aircraft in this thread, do you have to clear out your community folder before each sim update, or is that just for items added outside the marketplace?

Addons purchased on the marketplace don’t go into the community folder.

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Thanks. Do items purchased on marketplace carryover if I were to reinstall the sim on a new computer using my same Xbox/MS Store profile?

Got the Eurofighter Typhoon since it was the cheapest. It is definitely fun and fast, got it into “space”, and I can maneuver it OK, but it is extremely difficult to control speed and slow down for a landing. It struggles to get below 200 knots with 0 thrust, full flaps and gear down. It actually has a half decent autopilot.

What about the F-15E? The F-14 is crazy expensive.

Both are worth every cent they’re priced at. The 15 is faster but both are excellent and function extremely well. You won’t regret either one.

Awesome. Also do both have full A/P control and interact with planned flights? (e.g. Can I cruise at > Mach 2 from Chicago to Tokyo if I wanted?) Also, how much space do either take. I’m somewhat limited in HDD before I get a new computer.

The Eurofighter is fine, except for some reason I cannot slow it down to a reasonable speed to land. Am I doing something wrong, or is that the limit of this particular model?

For an airplane with such powerful engines, this is a surprisingly-difficult question in reality. If you’re at full afterburner and positive AOA, the plane will “flly” to over 72,000 feet. But that’s just brute force, really. If you’re trying to maintain stable, level flight without climbing or diving, just creating enough lift to keep you aloft, the DC Designs F-15E can easily do 63,000 feet or so in my admittedly-limited testing.

If you hit full burners on a minimal load of fuel/reduced weight configuration and go into a ballistic climb, you can hit much higher than that. As in reality, you cannot sustain that height, but you can reach it.