Which airport to load?

Are we now to load an airport to see if the flight sim even loads it or not? I decided to make a flight from KBuR to KSFO. And the flight sim hangs on load of KBUR. All the flight planning went down the drain. Atleast a year later we shouldn’t we worried if an airport is going to load or not

Did you save the flight plan before the flight? If so, it would be helpful to know if you try the flight plan again if it hangs again.

doesnt matter if it’s flight plan or not. even if you just load it on a run way to fly, msfs just hangs. 0.4% cpu activity

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So any aircraft starting anywhere at Burbank will hang MSFS? Is Burbank the problem?

yeah looks so. i think i have the one from

but there are a lot of other third parties that dont work anymore like kmem, ksjc. the flight sim just hangs with no cpu activity

Yeah. Unfortunately, Asobo has no control over 3rd party airports, even the ones in the Marketplace, other than the fact that they should have more/better error checking in their code.

Just because an addon is from the Marketplace, doesn’t mean it’s compatible with the sim. Sad, but, true.

It would also be nice if Asobo created a more comprehensive package error checker for developers. Jon @ScruffyDuckJon had quite a nice one in FSX Airport Design Editor. I haven’t looked for it in the latest ADE.

There is some error checking in ADE 2020 but its a work in progress

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