Which Airports are at the top of your wishlist for third-party devs to make?

I think you’re gonna wait in vain. I don’t believe it’s going to be more detailed than this one. This one is amazing.

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I’m satisfied with the default scenery and would not consider buying any scenery. The only market I see is airports that are missing from the sim. Airports that were in FSX, but are not in MSFS. That would be the only thing I would consider purchasing!

Thank you.


Give it a try, you’ll love the scenery once you see it during gameplay

Is it like the real thing?

The corner in southern Germany: Germany, Austria, Switzerland. There is one perfect Airport: EDNY

Didn’t you see the pictures? I haven’t been there for 25 years but it looks good to me.

No not yet. Link to product? Might end up buying.

No ive seen the pics…the hill behind is bare, minimal detail to the entrance of Terminal, and in general. FlyTampa’s are always more detailed not to mention the preview pic of FlyTampa has a fully modelled interior of the terminal. Definitely going to be way better.

Just my opinion nothing against Airworthy…

How’s the performance with FlyTampa? Any fps hit?

London southend airport

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This is reasonably detailed and the dev mentioned he will update it.He also mentioned something about the SDK so I assume the Flytampa version will take a while to come out.Seriously who cares about an interior model its a flight simulator! and I also quite sure the flytampa version will be heavier on performance.


Flytampa version isn’t out yet

I know but how heavy are flytampa products on performance?

FSX they were are heavy on performance but I was running a low end laptop.I am sure it will be better optimized for this sim.You have a high end rig.You shouldn’t even have to worry about performance.

Eh I’m still struggling with some micro stutters. Hopefully this 4K solves the issue

I noticed my microstutters were back the moment I turned on live traffic

I´m eagerly waiting for Aerosoft to re-release their series of airports for touristic destinations in Spain. Both in the peninsula and the islands, particularly the Canary Islands. Their previous versions were very good, and it´s taking too long to port them to FS2020.

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Really? I have multiplayer and live traffic off and still see them stutters

Don’t worry I get stutters still.Mainly at big airports

Yeah I just ignore them now , I turned off the fps display as well. I think I get stressed out more if I keep chasing the numbers