Which Carenado plane?

Hey all,
Thinking of testing Carenado their planes. I know very little about this dev other then reviews of planes.

That said, as of today, what would be a good plane to pick up to get a good feel for Carenado quality and a plane that is in a good place (had bug fixes, flies true to life etc)

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For the price you really can’t go wrong with any except the 182 (just not different enough an experience from aircraft included in the sim to be worth buying IMO) and the Waco (irredeemably broken handling on the runway).

From there it’s just a matter of what type of plane interests you the most.

Keep in mind the Beech Staggerwing, Beech D18 “Twin Beech” and Gee Bee published as part of the “Famous Flyers” and “Local Legends” series by Microsoft/Asobo are all developed by Carenado as well.

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this might help you.

Onyl got their Skymaster but not even close to a 310R or 414.
they make beautiful planes but far from study level and reality.
sounds are also terrible compared to other good similar airplanes.

It costs about half what those addons do, and many of Carenado’s add-ons cost even less than that.

They don’t claim to be “study level,” and not everybody wants that all the time anyway.

hey was just an opinion

better invest on 2 of the best planes instead on a few carenados :wink:
and whats 10 bucks more? :confused:

and that is based on the last launch from them that most people says is the best
since most of the old ones people fly less and less and updates are almost non existent or take a loooooooong time.

I’d probably suggest either the Mooney M20R Ovation or the Cessna 337 Sky Master. I don’t own either because I don’t find Carenado to be realistic enough, but I’ve heard good things about the Mooney from Mooney pilots. As far as the 337 goes, I think the uniqueness of that aircraft speaks for itself. I do own the Cessna 182 and I don’t recommend it. There is nothing realistic about that aircraft at all; virtually no difference from the default Cessna 172 except that the side windows are too low, so you can’t see at them well enough for pattern work. I have hundreds of hours in a 182 IRL, and this is not at all correct. Also, they couldn’t even be bothered to implement the prop deice switch, which annoyed me given how little you get with that aircraft beyond a few extra knots. I also have the Piper Seneca V, which is adequate. It doesn’t really fly like the real thing, but it is reasonably implemented for the price. I won’t fly it again now that better twin offerings exist, but it was fine as a stop-gap.

Carenado is really about great physical models and non-descript systems and flight modelling. If that is what you are after, then any of their aircraft would fit the bill (excepting the Cessna 182).

“Carenado is really about great physical models and non-descript systems and flight modelling. If that is what you are after, then any of their aircraft would fit the bill (excepting the Cessna 182)”

that, he said it all.

or if you want a good plane check out the Milviz 310R or the FSW 414AW

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“best” is irrelevant if they’re aircraft I’m not interested in flying. The "best’ add-on might be the PMDG 737 or whatever but I’m never going to buy it because that type of simming has 0 appeal to me.

Carenado makes satisfying, reasonably priced renditions of planes I actually want in the sim.

Everyone’s budgetary considerations are different. Regardless, when you compare what different add-ons have to offer, it’s not a fair discussion if there’s a ~75% price difference you don’t take into account.

Speak for yourself. Not everybody just switches from one new toy to another and leaves older ones to collect dust.

ok buddy

JUST AN OPINION, either you like it or not. focus on telling him what is your thoughts instead of giving opinion on my opinion, hows that? or you work for carenado???

LETS STAY ON TOPIC and im talking to him not you. he asked for opinion.


ps: sorry about that, but some users insist that people cannot have their our opinions and have suggestions.

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It’s a public forum. If you express your opinion, you have to accept other people are maybe going to express disagreement and rebut it.

Resorting to accusing anybody who has a different opinion from you of being a paid shill, sadly so common on these forums, is a sure sign that your views about anything aren’t worth consideration. Would I have specifically named two of Carenado’s planes I think you SHOULDN’T get if Carnado was paying me? Does MilViz or FSW pay you to come in threads about other developer’s add-ons and tell people to buy MilViz or FSW instead? See how easy that is to turn around on you?


apologies but some people tend to insist on focusing on what others say and the topic always go sideways because of that.

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That’s not quite correct. The only ones I know to be from Carenado are the Beech D17 and the Beech D18S.The Ju 52/3m and the Do J were definitely not developed by Carenado. I’m not sure about the Fokker and the Gee Bee since I didn’t buy them.

Matter of taste really. The only ones I wouldn’t buy today are the Waco (because the DC Stearman is more basic and feels more like an old double decker) and the Arrow III (because for all intents and purposes the one from JustFlight is better)

Fast single engine sporty GA => Mooney
Fast single engine travel GA => CT182
Twin trainer => Piper PA44 Seminole
Twin high altitude => Piper PA34 Seneca
vintage fast single engine => Staggerwing
vintage twin passenger plane => Twin Beech
unique Twin push-pull => C337H

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I think you misread my post. I didn’t say all of the FF or LL were developed by Carenado. I said three specific ones (the Staggerwing, Twin Beech, and Gee Bee) are. Since IIRC they are not listed among Carenado’s offerings on their site, I wanted to make sure they weren’t overlooked.

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The Carenado Seneca has the most beautyful and interesting cockpit.

oh right. So I did. Sorry about that!


No worries!

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Whoa that took off like a rocket haha. Not the most reassuring replies, since i do like my flightmodels and sounds.
Then again if the plane is special i can look away, like i fly the Islander and while a fun plane, its far from the JF Arrows for example.

Slow updates i see mentioned, that is also really a bit worry some in case an update breaks a plane.

P.s. i see the 310 and 414 mentioned. And while i am sure they are fantastic, the cockpit of the 310 isn’t all that interesting and it has very dark gauges with weak backlighting, the 414 is best at home at altitudes i generally like to stay below as i enjoy the abolity too see the country.

I think what looks interesting from Carenado and the Beech 18, C337