Which joystick do we use?

My joystick no longer works well so I tried to buy another one. I found it is not easy.
Our biggest domestic supplier in covid times (no name - we don’t do free advertising) sells the one I had for more than double the price I paid. And it puts a hurry because there are few left.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Force Feedback. Is the best stick until today but you get them only by ebay for 100-150 Euro.

T16000M, superb precision due to its hall sensors, twist grip for rudder control, throttle slider and can be configured for LH use.


I’ve gone through a few. X52 pro, X56 Rhino, Thrustmaster Warthog (I still use the TPR pedals they are excellent from Thrustmaster) But now I’ve decided to change to a VIRPIL set, the VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle, VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base and the VPC Constellation ALPHA-R grip.

The X52 started to have axis shudder and throttle creep, even fully tightened.
The X56 was just awful, most bits broke in a very short window, but others have said it’s good for them. I may have just had a bad one.
The Thrustmaster Warthog is only retired because the throttle PCB has fail (very common issue)
The VIRPIL, well that arrives next week after a LONG wait. But I’ve heard nothing but good things, so fingers crossed that’s where I remain!

I’ve also heard good things said for the T1600 as a starter set. I’ve not used one at home but my limited use was good. It did what it should!

Thrustmaster Airbus TCA (just the joystick, not the Officer Pack with Throttle). Hall Effect Sensors, very robust, I had enough buttons to perform critical tasks without having to resort to keyboard too often. Plus the big red button. :slight_smile: Everyone loves big red buttons.

I don’t myself use a joystick for any sim or game but ANY controller that makes use of HALL EFFECT devices [as opposed to pesky potentiometers] is - all other things being equal - a much superior product!

Back in the day, I used to build effects pedals [for use with my guitar] using HED’s!
So much better than pots! Reliable configuration and no wear!


Of course, when I say ‘all other things being equal’, that must also include the price!

Thank you all for your suggestions
The T16000 is the one I have. I opened it and found that the component that regulates the throttle is broken. It lasted many years and I would buy it again, but it is really impossibile to find it. I confirm for the X52, I bought it to replace the T16000 but I immediately went back. The Airbus TCA looks similar to the T16000, I’ll see if I can find it. I wonder how it is possible that such a shortage of available products happened.

Try here [UK]:


Watch the import VAT and any other import costs into UK

MSFS 2020 released, increasing demand. Covid happened which constrained supplies.

VKB gunfighter.


Thrustmaster One / no problems

ThrustMaster T.Flight Hotas One - Joystick - 12 buttons - wired


I finally managed to order a T16000. Pretty long shipping time.
Curiously enough, I noticed that prices had risen further a few minutes later.
Just a suggestion: I think the older models communicate in 8 bits, while the new ones are 16 bits.You can feel a lot of difference in flight accuracy, you don’t want to go back once you have tried a 16 bit.
Thanks to everyone

it’s most likely to do with the sensor. The T16000 uses hall-effect sensors. A lot of other joysticks use potentiometers as sensors. The hall-effect sensors are a lot more smooth, precise, and hardly wear mechanically.

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At first I used Microsoft Sidewinder Pro (20 years old!) and was quite happy with it. Since three weeks I have Logitech (Saitec) X56 Rhino Hotas and now I am thrilled :ok_hand:
I avoid flying spaceships, maybe that’s why nothing breaks? :joy:

20 year old logitech force 3d pro.

it get the job done.


If you’re flying the A320 often. Get the Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition.

Hi, I don’t know if my question fits here, if not, I apologize =)
I own a Thrustmaster T.Flight and would like to know which sensitivity setting is best. My Thrustmaster is very sensitive, unfortunately I tried everything without success.