Which of All Likely (Flightsim) April Fools Would You Like to be Real!

Many will drop today… they always do. I can think of a dozen off the bat.

But which potential April Fool, would you like to be true ?

That FS2020 will be released to Windows 10 today!

Or maybe Microsoft are re releasing Windows 7 64 bit and there will never be any monthly updates that break everything !

The one where they released an update today and nothing new was broken!

Replay system

The issue with the servers has been Fixed and it’ll never happen again! APRIL FOOL FOOL ;p

ASOBO is pleased to announce full colaboration with IATA to place on all Live AITraffic all the liveries of every airliner credited with them, as models wll be provided on payware basis by FSPXAI and others. Please enjoy your PMDG aircraft too … LOL.

The re-opening of ACES and hiring some of the old staff back.


Sony Entertainment has bought the software division of Lockheed Martin. Sony is very excited to be the official developers of Prepar3d. A spokesperson for Sony has said they are very jealous of the sales numbers of the new MSFS, thus they are looking to enter that market segment. Buying Prepar3d will allow Sony quick access to the already established market. Prepar3d will be expected to be released on the PS5 in time for the Christmas sales rush.

I was going to say - “release of MSFS Acceleration Pack and available carriers, jets, and helicopters free for download in the Marketplace on 4/2/2021”

Gliders, with proper thermals and multiplayer competitions, which works without CTDs in VR.


RealAir getting back together and releasing updated versions of their Beech Duke and Turbine Duke, and Asobo opening up their weather model and announcing full cooperation with ActiveSky, and a free upgrade for those of us who had bought the FSX version of ActiveSky.

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