Which of the Reno aircraft have autopilots?

Can I somehwhere find information which of the Reno aircraft variants have an autopilot ?

I know most don’t but I think I saw some that have one in screenshots.

L-39. All of them have a “hidden” autopilot, if you configured keys and buttons on your controls they work. And few of them have autopilots with control panels in the cockpit: Blue Ice, Drop Bear, Tumbling Goose, Red Thunder.

As for other classes - Pitts S1 / S2, T-6, P-51 there are no autopilot panels in the cockpit and I am not sure there is a “hidden autopilot” for them as I did not try. You can look through their cockpits here : T-6, P-51 part 1, P-51 part 2, Pitts S1 / S2.

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