Which one did you prefer? JU-52 , P-38L or the Electra 10-A

I bought all 3 old timers this week. If you did like me, in what order from your favorite to the least do you rate them?

For me:
1 - JU-52
2 - P-38L
3 - Electra 10-A

Ju-52 for looks
P-38 for performance
Electra for airliner

I’m hoping for updates for all 3 soon. I spent all my pub allowance on new planes. I’ll be flying every evening.

Edit, I forgot to mention the Electra while modded for Amelia Earhart, but was also the plane in the end of the movie Casablanca. I already flew it from Casablanca to Lisbon thinking I had Ilsa on board for her freedom.


Reason alone to get it then. Sold! I’ll be off to the airplane shop then.

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