Which planes have the G3000 or G1000?

Hi there, Which planes have the G3000 or G1000? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sorry for asking a stupid question.

TBM and King Air have the G3000. C172 has the G1000. Not sure about the latitude but I know the CJ4 have Collins ProLine so suspect Latitude does too. The rest of the fleet I don’t fly so cannot comment.


TBM has the G3000. Longitude has the G5000, which is basically a G3000 on steroids.

The VL3, King Air and one of the cubs (perhaps a couple of others) have the G3X touch.

The rest of the glass cockpit planes have the G1000.


King Air as the G3X, not G3000.

Ok thanks guys for the help and info.

Check again. King Air is indeed the G3000

This is a G3X, not a G3000.

Ah, Gotcha. It is a weird setup in MSFS. Almost closer to what the ProLine Vision was for the aircraft which was also touch screen. Didn’t the GX also have vertical panels available as well?

That’s what the King Air should have. I’m sure they used the G3X because of their partnership with Garmin and it was the only touch screen system they had modeled.

I’m not sure what features the MSFS G3X has or is lacking from the real thing.

Yes, hence my confusion. Makes sense now!

The only touch elements on the G3000 and G5000 are the small secondary touch screen controllers.

Personally, I would much prefer see a G3000 in the King Air and get rid of the keypad that does nothing and replace it with a GTC 580 touch screen controller like in the TBM. That’s a class of plane that would merit it. It seems odd they’d put an FMC that has even less features than a G1000 in a passenger aircraft like that.

I don’t even use the King Air because of that stupid control panel.


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