Which speeds are damaging the airplane?


right now I’m flying over the atlantic from Frankfurt to New York. On FL400 the internet is quite good :slight_smile:

What I’m wondering according to wiki cruise speed for the 787 is .85 MACH.

Which speeds are implementend to be damaging? Only the IAS? Or also the TAS?



So the IAS is your indicated air speed. The TAS is your true air speed. Your PFD shows the IAS.

Overspeed is indicated by going into the red band.

Your maximum speed depends on multiple factors. Your altitude, your flaps setting etc.

Your maximum speeds are often written down on a label inside the cockpit. I am not quite sure, if the 787 has one. On this label you will find operation speeda for normal flight, with landing gear, flaps etc.

Thanks for the infos but I’m talking which speeds are relevant damaging? The cruise speed maximum on wiki is indicated as 0.89 MACH. Right now I’m at .891 MACH. The IAS is still not in the red though. That’s why Im wondering which one is implemented as damaging the airplane? Only IAS? Or also TAS?

That’s a good question, I guess it’s the IAS. Did you check the max speed for 787-10 or for another type of 787.

For all the same. According to wiki ofcourse :slight_smile:

Can you semd me the wiki link please?