Which version should I get?

I will be flying almost daily, I have no issues with money and own all these airports in other sims developed by 3rd parties. Should I hold out and wait for these airports top be made by 3rd parties or is the level of detail that amazing for the deluxe premium airports?

98% is auto gen buildings , if it’s about having the best of the best in details you’ll have to wait for 3rd parties to build em , BUT there are a bunch of airports available already like on www.flightsim.to
You can however do a trial run with the xbox game pass to see if you like it or not.

I regret buying the $120 package.

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Would I need to re-install the game from game pass, if I decided to own the game?

Dunno , i dished out the 120 to support the future best simulator in the world…

only difference between standard and deluxe is the amount of planes you can fly.

Actually I think what makes the premium worth it is the extra airports. Those are good, both in looks and performance. You don’t get those from 3rd parties at that price diff.
The premium aircraft not worth it, some of them are a real disappointment, and cannot be modded.

No, you don’t have to reinstall it. Nothing will change actually :slight_smile:

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Get standart. You can always upgrade later. Many of the deluxe and premium airports you can get as freeware addons or even buy in higher quality. The addon planes are not worth it (if you want the real thing, they are almost all very casual flying, the 787 is totally feature incomplete and terribly optimized fps wise).


wanted to type just that :slight_smile: now i dont have to , get standard and upgrade later if you want…

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Hell, I regret buying it at all, since sim update 3.

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Well, I “regret” it a bit not to have bought the premium version just because I want SFO highly detailed.

If money is no option then get the premium deluxe it’s an easy choice. Some of the airports are ok and some great. I really like what they did with Gibralter, Paris and Heathrow of course some of these you get with the base sim.

I’ve recently acquired some Pilot Plus airports in the UK and the quality is terrific so you are not going to get that here but for me it’s not about what you are missing with third-party versions, it’s about what this adds over the base sim and for Heathrow and San Fran it makes it an easy choice.

That’s alot of money for two airports when you look at it like that.



Update later.

Avoid add ons from Marketplace until you have checked the forums for issues with the addon you are considering.

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Especially, when a 3rd party version will take ages. Flightbeam is doing NZAA at the moment, so I highly doubt we see SFO from them before the end of this year.

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I bought KDEN, KLAS, EDDM, CYVR from the marketplace and haven’t experienced any issues yet.

It is, but for me I live near Heathrow and at the end of the day it’s what you choose to put your hard-earned cash into. Some people pay 80 bucks or whatever for a haircut, were on lockdown in the UK so my brother cut my hair with the buzzer and all I had to do was wash the dishes - money saved… :+1:

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Where is the market place at? How do I access this?>

Start the game and in the main menu you see the marketplace.

Money no object then buy the top one - no brainer, you’ll never question your decision.