While Scrolling Mouse will Timeout

I’ll be using the mouse wheel to change heading or altitude, and while im scrolling the mouse will “time out”, the cursor will disappear, and on the subsequent rolls of the mouse wheel the camera will either “zoom in” or “zoom out”, depending on which way the mouse wheel is spun.


Work arounds?

If you don’t use the zoom, delete that control bind.

Yes. Drives me insane…

Add right click + scroll wheel for zoom. Works like a charm.

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Oh but I do.

I’ll have to try that. Haven’t found a setting for mouse timeout… Such a thing would be more useful for me, though… Also when scrolling through mcdu way points, for example, the mouse would time out and subsequent mouse clicks don’t get registered until its moved again. It’s a pita.

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Hey now, who dare edit my catchy titel?!

I too use this method. Holding down right button locks you to that control.

That doesn’t sound like a timeout, but a result of the mouse drifting slightly off the rotary knob. This can happen due to minute moves of the mouse itself or as the cockpit itself moves around. In XP 11 this is called “Cinema Verite”.

There are a couple of workarounds you can use.

Turn off legacy mouse interaction, which then allows for locking on to an interactable cockpit element.
Use one of the instrument views, that are not affected by the plane moving, or create your own.

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