Whining at a high level

I can’t hear unqualified critics anymore. I have to live with some bugs in prepar in xplane and now in msfs. That’s a complicate software and need time some time but will never delete a bug for everyone

Uninstall your mods before you criticise asobo.
All mods are used for own risks. Msfs is the first high qualified sim where I don’t have to buy many addons.


It´s not the mods that are not working proper - the standard planes delivered by the manufacturer are not working and getting worse with every patch so far. It is perfectly understandable that customers are annoyed by this fact. Patches should repair but not destroy…And one big difference: In all other sims the customer may decide to install a patch or not. In MSFS you are not asked and have no chance to rollback to a more stable version.


People just need to get over it! 4000 forum posts just saying “It’s Broke” with absolutely no details of what is broken do no one any good. People need to make up their minds. Do they want it done right or do they want it done right now?


No one forced me to install this update. I chose to update by myself as soon as I knew there was an update (through Store app), and it was a flawless one go update, like the one before this.

EDIT: Yes, I know you have to update, but I can’t see how is it a problem. Updates haven’t broke anything for me. Just the opposite. Everything is working even better now.

You do realize not all of us are having those bugs some are reporting here, do you?

And yes, in some cases mods are the reason why update doesn’t work, like fps-mod.
If you don’t remove that faulty mod, you could have even more problems now with for example vfr-map.

The more you are trying to fix things with mods and by editing files, the more problems you WILL get with future updates. But that’s your choice.

I have pretty much working flight sim right now that they fixed the landing light bug.
AP and every other feature works just as it should. I’m enjoying this sim with all my heart. It’s very relaxing to fly when everything just works. Graphics are GREAT, and fps has only got better with every update. Haven’t visited Japan yet, because there are still so many places to see, but I will, and I know it’s there waiting for me to enjoy even more. My career is now in Europe, and here the live weather is working just fine.
Conclusion… The best flight sim I have ever used. And I have started with flight simulators for Amiga 500.


What are you doing here if you “can’t hear thr critics anymore?” there’s one simple solution: don’t visit the forum. If you’re happy with the sim and you don’t have any complaints or anything there’s not really a point in reading other peoples complaints. It’s to ■■■■ easy… You can even filter inside the forum what you want and don’t want to see.

I agree with you however on the part that this sim is in no need for addons. But that is only as long as the default airplanes are working properly. Wich they still don’t. For the rest the sim is prety descent… Only a lot of bugs need to be fixed and features like a replay camera need to be implemented.

But let the people complain. If you’re happy doesnt mean anyone is. And to be hounest, asobo and microsoft did do a poor job with this launch and all the bugs/broken fixes they released. Also the smaller bugs that won’t be fixed until the next major update (like the control sensitivity issue everyone had) is just a big pain in the *ss. Normally patches with these kind of problems can be solved very quickly. But somehow they decide to wait until the next update. Ofcourse people are gonna hate on that. Imagine something big gets broken and we have to deal with it for two or more weeks because that’s whrn the update is comming. No flying for 2 weeks because somehow they can’t release a small patch fix…


Yeah, that VFR map mod that mess everything… oh wait


Who says you HAVE to install updates for MSFS?
No one forced me to install this update. I chose to update by myself

lol what ? The game forces you to update at startup or it won’t run. Technically, you can do it by unplugging your internet connexion until you reach the lobby, but that’s a hack, that’s not something offers you and it’s understandable.

Since the last patch I got 3 crashes in about 1 hour or 1h30. I didn’t have them (or far less frequently) before that.


Ok… Never thought of that. I update through Store app as soon as I know there is an update ready.
But still… I have no issues… :man_shrugging:t2:

i have no mods and got all screen black at half flight what are you talking about

Check your pc.

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the 748i has had bugs since release, the a320 has had bugs since release, the weather system has had bugs since release… all DEFAULT items with the release of the sim.

need we go on?

many of these issues were present in the Alpha also

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I agree. In the early days of msfs you had to wait for Microsoft to send you an floppy disc. later you could find updates on a bbs. Now we get updates so often that its hard to keep the pace. I can understand the frustration but i hope ppl keep in mind that msfs is in development over decennia… into the amazing simulator it is now. So relax, go out in the fresh air, take a walk. !

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I have no mods other than my liveries! You being lucky doesn’t mean that others don’t experience game braking bugs. I was lucky with first 2 flights after the update. Third one ended up with CJ4’s AP doing a belly dance over Nigeria. This patch fixed absolutely nothing.

MS does, just because your connection to the update server failed and you weren’t forced to update it doesn’t mean that’s how it’s supposed to work. The rest of us were forced to update with the mandatory update.

So maybe fix your connection before trying to preach on other people and the issues they’re having due to systematic failed releases.


You hit the nail on the head. Given you are having issues and others not, the likelihood is that it is the end users’ PCs at fault. On a given platform, software will always behave the same. This is why consoles are popular, because the developer knows that the software being used on a stable environment and you get fundamentally same experience everywhere.

For PC users there are thousands of possible scenarios. OS patches, drivers, hardware, memory speeds, overclocking, anti-virus, other installed software; the list goes on. Asobo can’t do anything about that.

Saying the patch did nothing is an insult to the probably hundreds of hours they are spending on this.

X-Plane had and has issues.
P3D had and has issues.
FSX had and has issues.

One man in the world has disease.
Another man in the world has disease…

But one has a cancer, and another one has a runny nose.

Feel difference?


So they’re both sick?

Yes, but with “small” difference.
All game have a bug, but also “small” difference.