White textures

When i capture/save an object with Renderdoc, then clean it in Blender, then export, eveything is ok in the game = i’m happy.

Problem is when i try to do the same with 3d objects downloaded on websites.
I often have a kmz file. I convert into zip file and decompress and i see a dae file + a folder with textures. When i import the dae in Blender i can see the object WITH the textures. So i export as usual but then, in the game, my object is here but 100% white.

I have lost days and days trying to understand how it works… for example i tried to activate “MFSF standart” in material mode then add the correct texture file in Material Properties => Texture files => Albedo => browse image to be linked.

Whatever i do, whatever the object i test, everything is completly white when i load it in the game.
I’m a beginner in 3d and Blender, is it possible for someone to explain me step by step how to do ?

Thank you SO MUCH if you can help.

Here is an example of what i see with a bridge I wanted to add :

It might be your folder structure in your project. Check out this link: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/blender2msfs-support-thread.448402/page-24#post-858388