Who flew FS on MSN Gaming Zone lobby? Reunite here

If the engine on a plane stops will it fall out of the sky ? :boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom:

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haha I remember seeing a photo of Carrie, she was quite pretty from what I remember.

Richard_Raine has come back into the year 2020 to give you some nostalgia with some mass emoticons - and you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, haha :grinning: :joy: :joy:

Thanks for this thread!
Brought back a lot of memories!

I had my first contact with Flight Simulator back in FS95, and went on to use every version up to FSX (my favourite version anyway was FS2004 ACOF).

The first version I used in my computer and I took β€œseriously”, not as a game, but as a simulator (to me, a simulator is a tool to learn) was FS98 Β‘It was amazing! It used 3D accelerator cards for the first time, and bilinear filtering made those surfaces and textures really smooth. I was mesmerized about it.

When I remember that, I realize how old I am now, and how far technology has come.

Back then so little terrain beyond your position was generated that when you were at FL300 you were above what was essentially a square β€œtile” below you. It was blue if you where above the sea, brown or green depending on the kind of teerain above continents, and cities were gray textures (at least, for EU users, the USA was more detailed). Oh! and those clouds! They were opaque white cubes, like building blocks!

I can only imagine what those of you coming from the first DOS versions have seen…

When I read this forums and see so many people bitterly complaning about how crappy FS 2020 is, because textures 50 miles away look pixelated, and they can only get 35 fps at 4K over a photorealistic New York with every building drawn, textured and projecting shadows… well… I think they need a bit of β€œperspective”, just to say it politely…

Sure FS2020 is a work in progress and many of us have had or fair share of problems… It needs time. But after 22 years in this I can only imagine what this sim will be in a couple of years (no, sorry, not months…).

Honestly, I never dreamt I would see what I am seeing in FS2020…

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Instrument panels were far more detailed than those of the default FS98 (had both of them at the same time), and it did not use hardware 3D acceleration (or it did not work with my card) and looked too β€œpixelated” for my taste.

But it was great. If it wasnΒ΄t for all the addons available for MFS, I would have considered it better than FS98.

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blast from the past - i have some January 2005 screengrabs of Zone

Omg remember aussie BRENDAN lol

Some nostalgic screengrabs from January 2005 of the MSN gaming zone layout, and usernames.

Remember gagging/booting . and the unbanners! lol

Some good memories there. Been around since fs98 I still fly with people from the zone.

jj great to see your still around. Also deployed into Astan but on the ground.

I’m still on the same user name nooneminime,
Great to see people remember the zone and hope to fly with you all soon

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ah good to hear from you too, i REALLY miss the zone times… that’s 15 years ago now.

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you from the USA?

never played FS in the MS Gaming Zone, but did play MS Golf 3.0 there. involved with clubs, tournys, all that stuff.

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… Delta_Yankee here…
Just kidding. He probably married to Carrie!

Hello there old timers, Where are you flying these days? Is there an β€œold timers” club?
Could be fun.

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What you mean on the sim or real life?

In the sim.

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Anyone know how you can do mass fly in events on flight sim 2020, like the good old days? Or can you only fly multiplayer with the friends you add?

You can find them on these forums.

Or goto the MS Flight Simulator Discord page and find/make a group there.

Wow, I remember those days well. I started in Flight Sim in the late 80’s/90s but didn’t get serious about it until the late 90’s. I joined The Gaming Zone for flight sim as β€˜Skydiver173’ and met a lot of great people. When it closed down, I became one of the first testers for FSHost back when it was first created.

Quite a few of The Zone pilots joined me on my public 24/7 MSFS server that I ran out of my house for FS2002, then FS2004. Eventually we started a larger website and had a few thousand members and a few servers people could join.

Thanks for the memories. Good times.

OMG β€” what a mess !!!

At least display the events in date-time order, with newest at top, and a clear divide for expired event.

In fact, any old event over 1 day old should be removed !!!

Its a MESS as it is …

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