Who has repossessed my A320?

After spending 3 days having to rebuild my PC and installing a faster drive, a 1TB M2, and then reinstalling MSFS2020, which took over 12 hours, plus all of my extra add-on’s, including extra liveries and the Fly By Wire, it appears that the only aircraft NOT showing is the A320. It shows up in the list next to all of the other aircraft, however, once I have selected it, it doesn’t show in the hanger, and when on the stand or runway there is nothing, even if I select cockpit view, there is nothing, just as though I have un-docked it, just like you could do in fx9

Has anybody got any ideas? BTW, you can hear all of the internal and external aircraft noises, but no A320.

first remove the A32NX from the community folder.
Then go to your Content Manager, make sure you have the Asobo default A320 installed. If not, you have to download and install it first in the content manager.

Once that’s done, have a test flight using it, make sure everything is loaded from the model, cockpit, etc. Once you confirm the default is working, install the A32NX mod.

Good morning, it showed up in the content manager, and in the list of aircraft, however, when loaded for a flight nothing was on the runway. A few minutes ago I selected repair, then rebooted my PC, would you believe it, it’s back and working. Very strange especially as I didn’t do anything in the official folder. Thanks for you suggestion, all sorted now.