Who is going to work on the SR22?

You would need access to the model

Has anyone tried the Cirrus SR22 in X-Plane 12. Looks very good in the intro video.

i have the Torquesim SR22 with custom engine logic and much more.

What are your thoughts on the Tourquesim SR22? Is it good for someone who pilots one in reallife to practice checklists, managing the autopilot, etc.

Off-Topic folks. Please take that to an XP forum. Thanks.

I’m a big fan of the Cirrus SR22T, both IRL and in sim.

Although I have the realism mod installed, I think this wonderful aircraft deserves a study-level mod.

Is it known if some devoloper is working on it?


If you fly the SR22 you might be interested in this sound mod … it`s very cool stuff … in combination with the realism mod the SR22 is worth a try.

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is icing and de-icing simulated in the SR22 ?

No idea. I never flew into ice conditions with my SR22 :upside_down_face: