Who is playing the sim at this moment? CTD constantly!

hi all, since the lastest update i cannot play anymore due to CTDs (which i never had before). By reading in the forums it appears to be a known issue due to USB ports. But i am wondering if this applies to all users or not? why some users are having no issues at all and why other are having constantly CDTs?

Many people seem to be playing


No problems for me so far. MS Store version with Thrustmaster Flight Stick X, Win 10 2004 and RTX 2060 Super.

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I did, last night, just fine

I have the Logitech rudders and flight yoke plus thrust quadrant but completely unable to play…

Would be interesting to compare the before and after patch :face_with_monocle:

Appears certain usb devices cause it to crash now… Unplug everything and re-attach them one by one until you find the offending one. One of my devices is causing it to crash, but I’m so tired of helping alpha test I’ll just sit this update out…

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For me everything is working out very well, did a few flights in the TBM. No CTD’s. so far:

  • Trustmaster TWCS throttle, stick and rudders,

  • Radeon 5700XT

  • 32G RAM

  • live weather

  • alive traffic

  • rolling cache

  • working tilte g3000 + g1000

  • TBM improvement project

The patch turned out esp. well for the TBM as the controls are not so sensitive any more.


Well I could try to unplug everything but playing without the periphericals is not fun at all :worried:

I hear ya… I’ll just play DCS for a bit… I know Asobo is aware of the issue, maybe they will do something to address it quickly. And it won’t be a 2-4 week wait.

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there is a fix floating around to fix the usb CTD, i used it this morning on my fanatec peddles, working fine since… https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/588224-11070-patch-usb-ctd-fix-ms-store-version/?tab=comments#comment-4392694

Thanks, maybe I’ll give it a try… Sounds like you basically need to blow away your usb flight control device profiles…

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Totally ridiculous all I have to say who is testing this stuff? Seriously! We shouldn’t have to do workarounds all the time that’s the development teams job not ours . It’s like me buying a brand new car and they tell me to tweak the engine if I have issues . No this is not acceptable by any means. Get it together ASOBO


From first Day i bought the Deluxe Package MSFS Store i haven´t even one CTD, so its unbelievable for me so many people have this Issue :thinking:

But i am with you, hope you all get your problems solved !!

cheers :wink:

Be careful! I said the same thing until this patch… Good luck!

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Well it appears Asobo still hasn’t setup a community based test group as mentioned in their interview sometime back… This would have caught a lot of recent issues before it was public…


Not a single CTD since second patch. Make sure is not your system. Mine is working rock solid, and I had many CTD in the release version, but as I said, not a single one since second patch to now.

Of course they won’t because they have “ their own team” I did not pay almost 150 bucks to be a beta tester did you? Absolutely ridiculous this is becoming what it is nothing but a game and targeting gamers . But in the meantime not having selected seasoned users whom wish to test this is sad.

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I’ve just had what I think is my first CTD ever, after updating. Given that I was using a mod that hasn’t been verified to work with the update though, I see no reason for now to assume it is the update rather than the mod that is responsible.

There are many people and I mean many with zero mods and is CTD it’s their software