Who wins, Black Square TBM850, SWS PC-12 or FSReborn Piper M500? What will be your favourite?

We have 3 nice new additions to the sim coming up!

The Black Square TBM 850 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM8_BfFtAXI&ab_channel=JustFlight)


the SWS PC12 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPhiKovuFGc&ab_channel=twotonemurphy).

The FSReborn Piper M500

All three aircraft are comparable turbo props, although each has of course their one specifics.

Having watched both video’s, it seems to me the 3D model of the Black Square TBM850 looks better than the PC12. The M500 is packed with features. What do you think?

Note: Edited to include M500

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Don’t forget the upcoming FSReborn Piper M500. It’s a bit smaller, but still in the same class as the TBM and the PC-12.

Decisions, decisions…


I have a TBM already so the PC-12 all the way for me. They are not really comparible aircraft. The PC-12 is a lot bigger. As single engine aircraft go its enormous. Anyone who has stood near one or been on one will understand the scale of it compared to your average single. A closer comparison is between the TBM and Piper M500.

I have no interest in the TBM, but I will probably get the PC-12.

For me it is the aircraft what is released first. And tbh I hope it will be the Piper M500 :wink:

Not interested in more steam gauge turboprops to be honest. Really looking forward to the PC-12 NG though.


Honestly I have zero interest in the non-modern TBM, the PC12 is surely going to be a purchase for me.

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Whichever hits the marketplace first I will get it. Other than that, it’s pure personal taste I would say.

I might just buy both, depending on the price. This is a really hard decision, they are both going to wonderful planes I’m sure. But, if I can’t afford both I’ll be leaning toward the TBM by Black Square, I’m just a bit more happy with my Black square planes, so far. (refresh the Kodiak and my thoughts may change). Ahh I’ll probably just buy both…


I agree, I already have a TBM, I don’t need another. I’m on board for the PC-12, and probably the M500.

The M500 is an automatic purchase for me well ahead of these two planes.

How about we wait for them to actually be in the sim lol… but the M500 will most likely, based on what I have seen will beat those too out. SWS makes airplanes with no state saving, low system fidelity, and odd flight models. The TBM definitely looks good, but uses sounds from stock and has some older avionics… so IFR is more challenging. The M500 is a passion project that looks like all details have been considered. But like I said, how about we wait until we can compare by flying them.

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Wow. You must be flying something different to me. You are right about waiting though. We can all have our opinions once we’ve tried them. Big downside for me with the M500 is Market Place only. Both of the others give you other options. We each have things that draw us to one or the other or in some cases all of them.


PT6 engines w/ Hartzell props, of course, both.

The RVs are G3X avionics with no engine modeling… The Kodiak has a twitchy, sensitive flight model with very rudimentary engine modelling, no state saving. Granted, it is an old add-on now… I agree about the M500 being only on market place… not great.

Granted there are things that could be added but i’d certainly not consider them as having low system fidelity. Despite all the recent editions to the sim the Kodiak is still my favourite. It’s got so much character.

PC-12 for me, but I sure hope they reconsider their position on state saving.


Don’t forget that the PC-12 won’t be a full-fledged release. So for me it is the TBM and the M500 only.

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Well it’s like the old adage: ‘there are pilots who find the Kodiak twitchy and then there are pilots with well-calibrated controls’

(ok, so I just made that up, but it remains a hugely satisfying aircraft to fly and I’m looking forward to future updates once SWS launch the PC-12 and get some resource freed up).

As a general response to the question…The M500 is a very interesting aircraft type - a single pilot pressurised aircraft with many private owner-operators IRL. Its a better comparison with the TBM850 than the PC-12

I’ve got the BS Kingair, which never quite lit my fire. I guess I want one with the proline 21 avionics. But the TBM850 will be BlackSquare’s first full aircraft development and I’ll be interested to see how they have done. Maybe not a day 1 purchase for me.

But all three devs put a lot of love and hard work into their aircraft and are responsive to feedback. Which is the real measure that counts.


State saving makes a plane so much more immersive.