Why am I seeing airliners only?

No matter where on earth I am flying, I’m coming across airliners only. I never see piston planes, or Turboprops, or Jets, or gliders or helicopters anywhere. I’m on the latest build, version
Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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Gliders are not part of the current traffic implementation at all, it’s players only.

For general aviation there it depends - if you fly using live traffic you should see them but quite rarely, even in the US (chances are higher there as more people have got their own airplane, but most don’t have any ADS-B equipment, so flightaware won’t track them).

On default offline traffic there is a slider for the amount of general aviation traffic in settings.

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Multiplayer and live traffic are both active. I see other’s gamer tags as well. However, all planes are shown as generic.