Why announce the husky while the sim is broken?

I don’t get why there is such a radio silence, and once i get a ping it’s some product announcement.
Haven’t properly done a flight since the 27th, finished a single flight after trying countless times with many CTD’s

So are we getting a fix tomorrow or what? it’s Thursday tomorrow.

(No I don’t count Jayne’s reply to some threads an official announcement)


It’s not broken. I’ve flown several hours every day since SU5 hotfix. Zero issues.


that wasn’t an hotfix, they released the wrong darn branch


Why do you assume if it is working for you it is working for all? Maybe other’s experiences are different right? can we grant them that?


Not everyone has the same problems you have on your system. For me I’ve had only a handful of CTDs this week (literally countable on one hand), always during initial load of a flight.

I’ve spent several hours in the air making VFR flights, and am literally buying the Husky right now. :slight_smile:

I don’t. Just stating it is not broken. If it was it wouldn’t work for me and thousands of others.

Er, that’s the point. Not everyone has the same (positive or negative) experiences!

like it also DOESN’T work for thousands of others.

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Do you understand that if people can’t excecute the game because of many CTDs, the game is broken for them?

FOR THEM is the operative word. Please consider that other people exist too!

Not releasing the Husky would not have any affect on your ability to crash or not crash.

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You know what, I’ve been able to fly despite the bugs and a few CTDs that thankfully I’ve been able to workaround, but I’m certainly not on here telling people there isn’t a problem. :roll_eyes:

I believe people when they say it’s broken for them and try to help when I can.


Yup. As it’s the same code for everyone and works it is not broken.

Makes no sense to me why it doesn’t work for some. That’s a real pain to get to the bottom of as a software developer and frustrating for those where it worked one day and not the next.

It makes perfect sense that it would break for some and not others – the nature of software is that it’s very complex, and has a lot of state related to specific computers and usage patterns.

It’s pretty typical, actually, for problems to be inconsistent and hard to track down in the software world. :slight_smile:


The Husky has certainly been in development for some time, and was announced well before SU5.

The people at Asobo that work on making new planes are also not the same people who work on graphics and the other stuff that most of the post-SU5 complaints are about. People have this idea that at game studios everybody does everything and they just shuffle the entire staff around from one thing to the next. This is not the case. Different teams have different specialties and roles.

It might look bad to some to release a new “first party” payware plane while there are things in the sim that need to be fixed, but the truth is it has no effect on how fast that stuff gets fixed.


You do not understand how software works sir. With the same piece of code, sometimes it could work, and sometimes it won’t. That is because the paths of excecution of that code follows different ways in different contexts and in different limit/edge cases.

It is impossible to state that if the code works for you, it will work for all. That is not simply true, by definition.

Well … after being asked to make some kind of statement, they made a statement like this: “Wait, we will make a statement soon.” Thus, they did nothing and held out until Thursday. Apparently on Thursday there will be some kind of vague statement, which in turn will also require a “hotfix”)) And then they will tell us: “Wait for the next statement” and postpone it for a week until another Thursday. At this rate, it will be close to the planned SU6 and everything will start over. Such is the policy towards its consumers and fans of their product line.

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Nobody said it works for all, that’s a strawman.

I mean CTD’s aside there are many issues that EVERYONE has like it or not.
Lacking volumetric lights (which affects the entire image of the sim, aircraft lights, night lights, clouds, sunrays, overexposure of the image)
Scenery pop ins.
Fuzzy terrain above a certain altitude without cfg edits.
and countless more

I am just frustrated guys, yes some really do not care about graphical downgrades as they can’t run ultra anyway.
But i would hang on longer for a fix if my CTD’s weren’t so frequent, i could live with the graphical issues for now.

I am assuming a lot here.

MS is running to a schedule, that for whatever reason, they are unwilling to deviat from.

Those of us who are not suffering any problems and can and will have the Husky it is totally acceptable. I am not having problems and I have bought it and am.having fun.

And the Husky has nothing to do with any of this.

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