Why are all the ships pink in the carrier landing challenge

Is this normal …Pink ships???

Know issue — Pink textures - Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - The AVSIM Community

Is there a fix there? Or is this a known product problem? I have an Xbox series x and no third party software.

Thrid party issues almost always.

What have you bought, even if its free and installed from the market place

Delete your rolling cache, re start msfs and then recreate your rolling cache aize.
You may need to remove the maverick dlc and reinstall it.

Bright pink, for anything is caused by missing or corrupted textures.

I want to clarify that the one I reported was the only Global AI Ship I ever saw without texture and got fixed after reporting it. Global AI Traffic is working perfectly and it is free. Never had any trouble with it, no conflicts with other mods.

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Did you report that in Bugs?

No because my post which got linked here has nothing to do with this problem. I had one boat with missing textures, reported it to the guys from Global AI Ships Traffic and it got fixed, it was a missing texture. Doesn’t have anything to do with the carrier landing mission and I don’t see these pink ships myself. Don’t know why my post got added here, it’s not related.

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I don’t know where or if there is a way to clear cache on an Xbox series x console. The maverick add-on worked ok until a patch was installed after wu10. So I took a shot at r and r the maverick add-on. And fortunately all is well again till the next update lol.

Glad to hear that!
Sounds like a graphical glitch/corrupted file happened.
Just to be clear for others if this happens.
Did you remove and reinstall Maverick from Content Manager.

I used the content manager page to delete and install. I can’t see any other way to do it short of removing everything and reinstall.

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