Why Are There So Many Duplicate Topics?

I get it, people are having problems with the install or frame rates and it’s important to express your problems on the forums, but it’s kind of exhausting seeing the exact same topic being posted over and over. I’m starting to not want to even check the forums for new discussions or to converse with fellow flight simmers because I have to go through a sea of the same exact topics being posted about how people’s installs are stuck at X gigabytes, or their framerates aren’t perfectly what they expected their rig to run at. It’s like no one read the rules of the forums that state to look for similar topics before creating a new one. Isn’t there some mega-thread that people can just post their download and framerate issues in?

(If this kind of topic isn’t allowed, I completely understand and will remove it. I don’t want to add something useless to the forums and me complaining about this could totally be that. I just want people to remember we should keep similar topics together)


I agree with you, people should search before creating a topic.


They should, they don’t, I’m sure the mods will catch up, don’t envy their task at the moment…