Why are they called "Bush Trips"?

So, I’m committed to finishing the one I’m on now, the Breckinridge trip, but man these are boring.

Is there something special about these? Am I supposed to skirt 50ft above the ground to make it interesting? I just set the trim and fly on “autopilot” waiting to be done with each “leg” from airport to airport.

They’re supposed to be site seeing trips that show off the woo woo bing maps data. I’m half way through one, and have found it enjoyable, but it would be better if it wasn’t programmed into the GPS, and forced you to use dead reckoning and pilotage.


I don’t find them boring. Then again, I don’t use GPS, autopilot, or any other electronic aids. Just a map, dead reckoning, and pilotage. And if that still bores you, throw in some inclement weather along the way, and try landing on a 200 ft river bank!


If you press N to bring up the Navlog it has info about each leg, points of interest etc

Who makes you use the GPS?


I wish there was a way to fly just one leg of the trip for sight seeing purposes. The one I tried, I flew along the edge of a lake for what seemed for ever.

Fly anywhere you want. You don’t have to be on a canned bush trip.

For those who want more of a challenge, here’s a good primer on dead reckoning and pilotage: https://youtu.be/u6AU5DfG8A0


You’re right of course. I fly without using it, but it does take something away for me knowing its there at the push of a button. Just personal preference.

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I’ve been enjoying the Shock Ultra. No GPS to fall back on, and I have certainly gotten lost. I enjoy the challenge of getting ‘found’ again!


I find the Bush Flying through the Sierra Nevada really good and very much appreciate the attention to detail as the scenery is very close to Google Maps which I use before each leg so I have a general idea where I am going and to visualize landmarks and roads for situational awareness.

Unfortunately, I have cheated some as I used the map “get back on track” button as I did get lost, being embarrassed as it seems strange getting lost in an airplane being high off the ground with a clear visual of the land. When I use this cheat button I usually redo the leg the next day and pay more attention to dead reckoning and awareness.

Being not a pilot, I am still amazed at the power of the Ziln Savage Cub as most of the time I fly at 55 to 60 % throttle quite comfortably with increase to 70/75% going over hills. Compared to the Piper in FSX, it is a remarkable difference and being not a real pilot, hope this Ziln is realistic.

Also, really amazed how wide and how long the runways are as it seems true when referenced to Google Maps.

Anyway, I appreciate the realistic scenery and attention to detail.

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I know what you mean - at the end of that leg, about a minute before landing in the airfield the sim crashed… holy ■■■■ :laughing:

I’d already done that. Navigating isn’t hard. It’s the long legs with basically doing absolutely nothing that’s so boring. Thanks.

I ran out of gas with about 1/10 of the leg done and had to completely restart it. I found that there is a repair/refuel shortcut key so I won’t make that mistake again.

I don’t use the GPS, don’t believe I ever said I did. I know you can “cheat” and use the VFR map “show where I am” feature but I assume doing that is about the only thing I could do that would make it even easier.

I get the concept guys, it’s just a long drawn out process of going from leg to leg without anything special happening.

I guess last night the 50 minute flight between 2 medium sized mountains in the Sierra Nevada had me thinking “when will this leg be over for goodness sakes”.

Personally, I found the Patagonia bush trip the most enjoyable, with the Balkans trip coming in second.
I found the Nevada trip to be quite dull and uneventful, but I always seem to be in the minority with that opinion. :sweat_smile:

Overall though I did really enjoy flying them, I hope many more are added soon.

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If you fly the US one you won’t have any GPS, just access to the VFR map and the nav log. I’m surprised they put the US one first in the list as it’s the hardest of the three by a fair margin.

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Yeah the Nevada one was the worst of the three, I think only the first and last legs were what I’d consider scenic.

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Agreed. Maybe I just chose the most boring of the 3.