Why can't I make polls?

Hello! I was just wondering why I cannot create polls in discourse/the forum. Thanks!

not 100% sure, but as far as I remember this function comes as privilege over time.

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Just wondering when, I really liked that feature on other discourse channels!

look up all details about trust levels here:

Hi there,

Before I answer your question, a couple of quick housekeeping things…

  1. Your topic is a question about the forums and not a sim feature request. Topic moved to General Discussion

  2. The forum-meta tag is intended to be used to help people find forum usage guides. I have replaced this tag with forum-feedback as we use this to easily find topics asking questions or making suggestions.

While forum polls are enabled on these forums, they are restricted to Trust Level 3 users and forum staff. This decision was made when we were configuring the public forums, the intent was to stop users from spamming the forums with topics that’s sole purpose was to display polls.

This restriction around TL3 users is something that can always be visited, but the decision would need to be made by Jayne and RoyalTot. I’ll leave this topic open to see what members of the community and the other moderators have to say.

That post covers the default principles and settings of Trust Levels. We have modified the Trust Level requirements and permissions to suit our needs, you can view more in our guide: Trust Levels and How To Advance


What TL am I then? Thanks for being so helpful!

Thanks so much!

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You are Trust Level 2. See if you can view this page https://forums.flightsimulator.com/g, the groups listed at the bottom are the “trust level groups” you should see the green member tick for groups you belong to.

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Hi guys, I can’t even create a new topic. The button is grayed out.

Could anyone help me with that? Very appreciate.

See if this helps: Cannot Create Topics - #10 by Nyx1819

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No familiar with this forum system. Problem solved.

Thank you!

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