Why cant they just leave it alone

Anyone else experiencing stutters after this last update?

I had my rig running smooth as silk (As long as it wasn’t in an airliner, LOL). The Citation at my local airport ran smooth. Now back with the micro-stutters.

I don’t care about FPS, I just want it to be smooth.

I’m so tired of getting every thing tweaked just right and…BAM! Another update, gotta start all over.

End of Rant.

Thank you for reading.

Anyone else experiencing this?

My Specs:
i9 10850K (OC’d)
64GB DDR3600 OC’d to 4200 (I believe)
Asus ROG Strix Z-490E MB
RTX 3090 FE
Oculus Rift S

Nvidia software: 457.30
Oculus Software: Version


Nope smooth as butter for me.

Rift S
Latest Oculus Beta

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Me to, also smooth as butter :smiley::+1:

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Yep same problem with me. Had to revert to 457.30 but in the process all of my previous settings had been reset to default. Gutted is not the word.

Yeah works great here to, in fact better than before :+1:

Delete your objects in the community folder and test, then add items one at a time until you find the problem :+1:

After the WU, for the first time ever since the original release, I experienced stuttering in my VR headset, when approaching a reasonably busy LEPA.

It would appear that these stutters were caused by an issue with multiplayer and potentially just one of the nearby pilots having a, let’s say, dodgy livery.

Maybe try without multiplayer, just as a test, to see if yours is the same issue.

What’s your GEOGRAPHIC location? (how far from server etc)

Pretty much all of this sim experience is streamed therefore the issue might not actually be your system/hardware/optimization…it might just be luck of the draw and whether you are connecting to a busy server on the other side of the world.

Try turning off all data. I mean everything. Bing, photogrammetry, Live Traffic, multiplayer, Azure voices, live weather. The works. Turn it all off.

Delete the cache, turn caching off. (both rolling and manual)

Then test fly in a region you are familiar with then slowly turn things back on and see where the biggest performance hits are.

(I recommend restarting the sim and/or your pc between big changes. Turning things like bing and photogrammetry on mid flight might yield unexpected results.)

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cant relate the last post but i hit ingame CTRL + 2 (numpad) and all went well. Maybe its the thing? And i understand your feelings. One uptdate and all suffers, This cant be it. But got it working for me now.

What does ctrl 2 do?

Thats not what these issues are about though. I’ve never found emptying my community folder to make any difference to over all performance of the sim. Having a relatively full community folder will more often than not only lead to longer load times and having badly optimised mods will usually only effect things if you’re using that particular mod, be it an aircraft or a bit of scenery or whatever. Having a badly optimised scenery of Edinburgh isn’t going to knock 20FPS off your flight over the Alps.

The problems are clearly being caused by Asobo mucking about with the coding deep inside the sim - getting it optimised for some people but killing things for others.


Still smooth here, no issues at all.

i think so it is. amd ctrl +2 kills aws

“Why can’t they leave it alone”? They have and its called FSX. Unfortunately progress will always bring issues so perhaps MSFS is not a good fit for some considering the regular updates.

I’ve had similar problems… the sim is amazing in some respects, but it is also the most fragile software I’ve ever experienced. Some of the things I’ve seen happen are just embarrassing from a quality perspective.

Everybody knows what happened with the flaps problem a few months ago, but did you know that if you set a monthly data limit, updates count against that limit? If you hit your limit during the update, the file that it’s trying to download will fail partway through and then automatically restart… infinitely. It’ll hit the data limit you set at the same exact point, fail, and try again, over and over (using infinite bandwidth in the process).

Of course, you can’t even modify your data limit, since you need to get into the game settings to modify it, which is blocked due to the update. The limit you set blocks the update from finishing, and the update that can’t finish blocks you from changing the limit you set. Meanwhile, setting a limit because you’re concerned about data usage causes you to use infinite data, causing the exact problem that the setting was supposed to help solve. Incredible.

This last update, by the time I realized what was happening, I had used 60GB of bandwidth to try to download 12GB of data. The series of logical flaws in how the different software components work together is literally unbelievable.

I’m sticking with it because the potential is so good, but there have been days where I just want to go practice flying, and instead I spend most of my time trying to get the performance back to where I had it (which was not easy in the first place), or just get the latest update installed. I feel like I am pretty patient, and I don’t mind tweaking settings and learning what the settings do / how they work… but this sim is uniquely frustrating.

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LOL, Well thats true, Rogue. Ive been flying FSX for many years, then it was Xplane, then Aerofly, etc. Being in the IT field for many years as a career I realize that its always changing. When a vendor (Oculus, HP, any video card vendor, Shoot even windows) pushes out an update, then the FS2020 team must make changes as well to ensure proper functionality. However, its also a pain in the butt to have to go back and do beta testing to see whats causing the micro stutters that I wasn’t experiencing before the update. Again though I also realize they can’t test the infinite configurations that end users have and make it perfect for everyone. I guess I drew the unlucky straw on this update.

In fact I put out a thread not that long ago that had thousands of views and a bunch of “thank you’s” explaining how to fix stutters on that WU that caused so many issues recently. Unfortunately the fixes I discovered for that WU, does help this one, LOL.

Oh well back to the drawing board.

Oh I wanted to add guys, I am running 36-40 FPS pretty solidly. It just has micro stutters.

Weird huh?

It typically sets your ASW (screen smoothing for oculus). Just search oculus ASW for info on how to give it a try. It will help with performance but can introduce a little cockpit jitter if still on the performance edge. Very much worth a try. I use ASW 30. It is always best to not need it at all.

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what is weird for me is that last night w/ my Waco in BC Canada it was butter smooth. Today w/ the same aircraft and airport I was stuttering. It is completely erratic for me. I am going to run the test somethingbrite mentioned and see if I can make any sense of it.

After testing it was the oculus tray tool…kind of. I find that the 30 ASW setting only takes if I set it after I am in the cockpit in VR. If I just set it and start the sim it will not take. I do not know if this is the tray tool or something on my end. Just FYI.

I would be somewhat careful what you ask for… the last time MS “left it alone”, they were gone for 11 years. I am glad to see MS and Asobo actively working on improvements every week.


ROFL!!! Touche’ Spooney, Touche’!