Why can't you trial marketplace content?

I bought a plane before for 15/20$ that basically was unflyable because it lowered my fps from about 45 to about 6-15.

It’s basically like someone stole 20$… Im not necessarily blaming the developer because not many people had the same experience.

There’s so many planes I’d like to give a try, but I don’t have lots of cash lying around, and I need to pick wisely, so it’d be nice if I could try a few, even for just an hour, and then decide.


That would be great, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

To actually answer the question, the ability to try the plane for a limited time before it does something to make itself unusable might not be something that can be built into an aircraft?

Not sure what you mean.

There’s a wish on this:


I’d love to see that too, but my guess is it’ll never happen because for one, there’s the fear of hackers decrypting their code somehow. And second, in some (repeat: SOME cases) I’m sure there are developers out there who rely on customers like you who gamble on a purchase. They get to keep your money whether you’re satisfied or not, so they’re happy.

As an alternative, if we had comments on the reviews, at least people like you could write WHY you had the problems with your purchase so we could decide whether we wanted to take the chance. Right now, if I see a 1 or 2 rating I have no idea whether it got a 1 because of performance or because the cabin wasn’t modeled (which is something I’d prefer, but it’s not as critical as performance to me personally).


It‘s hilarious to think anything would stop pirates by making it a bit harder. Nothing will stop them except excessive streaming evaluation outside the sim. But those addons won‘t be available on marketplace anyway.

A trial period would probably bring many people „back“ to marketplace. I was burned once and will never do that again, I‘m a lost customer there. A trial would maybe be able to change that.


I agree with you. I am not that much into the marketplace either… It gives me the feeling of too much money grab for the content. A trial option may change that opinion.


It has been suggested before that there should be a way to rent add-ons for a day or 2. That would give you the chance to fly before your buy. This would be great for scenery also. I know it won’t happen, but, it would be great if it did.



I filter aircraft by rating so I only see 4+ ones.

If we all avoided low rated aircraft they would improve them or remove them


I’ve been saying this since I got MSFS. It’s ridiculous that we don’t get a trial period, but I think they’d sell A LOT more if they allowed trials. I don’t want to go in blindly and risk losing $15-$40 on something I don’t like or cant use. Youtube videos help with decision making but they aren’t a guarantee.

I’ve been lucky that I like everything I’ve purchased, but I’d also be willing to purchase a lot more if I didn’t feel like every purchase was such a risk. It took me nearly a year to finally decide on buying the YMF-5 Waco. I absolutely love it, but I’m so hesitant to buy anything, and I would’ve made the purchase a long time ago if there was a way to try a product before buying.

Even right now, there are at least 10 aircraft I’d buy today if I could try them first. Because I can’t try them, I might ultimately end up buying a couple of them at some point this year, but I’m just not really into throwing money at something I might immediately dislike.


Thats why I dont buy any planes at all.


Even the 4+ ones can be shoddy.

But yeah, I agree. Theres quite a LOT of 1star rated aircraft/addons. That have been 1star for 2 years! How can you not want to fix it and make it better by now?

Like there’s a corvette car that’s on the marketplace and it’s like, yeah, I’d quite enjoy to drive around and have some fun chasing airplanes in a car, for 10$… but I bought it a couple of years ago, and it turned out it was a load of horse ■■■■, the developer didn’t even bother to make the car the right size, it was like 40% bigger than In real life and it hovered off the ground about a meter or two, and it would turn very much. I contacted the dev and he said he didn’t know how to fix it. Great…

I just bought the A10 Warthog by demios, it had a 4.2star rating and good reviews online, but I never had any reviews say it buffets all over the place when you pull a turn… it wobbles a LOT and it struggles to do much in the way of maneuvering. I know the A10 isn’t the most agile plane in the world, but it sure as hell can do some maneuvers, as it needs to, to get it’s shots.

You’re right, and it goes both ways. Some lower rated aircraft are actually really good. It’s impossible to decide based on ratings alone. And when you spend money on an aircraft, you don’t want to regret it seconds later. I imagine there are a lot of people who lost a lot of money buying planes they immediately disliked.

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