Why do aircraft seem so unstable?

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My question:
Why does there seem to be an almost instant transiation between inputs and aircraft reaction when in air or on takeoff-roll?
In real life it all seems a bit more stable due to air flow / ground friction.
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That’s a new complaint.
All the complaints I’ve read so far are about delayed, sluggish and slow control response.
Definitely haven’t noticed a too instant reaction on any MSFS aircraft.


You can set your Reactivity in the sensitivity settings if you want some delay between your hardware input versus when the input actually triggers in the sim.

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Maybe on the Extra 300. I know its pretty sensitive for me.

But then Every Aircraft and Config Is, and should be different! The trouble is… does it work well on your system!

I’ve seen obvious errors in configs with aircraft not turning correctly. However next update seems to fix the issue.
I could edit configs etc, but personally I’m not bothering till the Sim is more settled along with a number of the Aircraft. Some of the Modded ones of course are a lot better than the default.

What I mean is this nervous behavior that you can see in every YT video. Those small movements. It starts with trying to hold centerline and maintains a problem in flight. Planes seem to respond “nervous” to all kind of influences - control input or wind. The reactions of the plane are often instant. Like there is no stability holding the aircraft in place.

Even the A320 wobbles around with every bump of wind. Certainly didn’t experience such unstable behavior in any of my A320 flights or there’d be an influx of barf bags.

Turbulence is a thing… I love seeing it modeled. Pretty sure it messes with your input IRL as well.

If you have driven a car long enough (years) especially in the wet and hit a puddle you are less likely to over correct if you are an experienced driver.

Same for Turbulence?

Sure it could be overdone impact of wind. However, in reality you have some kind of stability just by the pressure of the airflow that keeps the plane in place. You won’t exprience those nervous left-right or up-down movements. Not that strong at least… more dampened. At least not so much rotation around the CG. Wind mostly impacts the full aircraft.

Have You been in bad turbulence? Where the plane drops dramatically! For the past year I’ve felt a bit like a Guinea pig with a bunch of scenario’s being pushed to MSFS 2020 to see how I would react.

At some point they will decide the level of realism overall. And one for those that want Hard Core Reality.

Had a flight tonight where My FBW A320 should have stressed out and crashed but it didn’t!

Where all Guinea Pig’s. :rofl:

I think it’ll come to a point where if you keep testing and testing to see how it would react, you’ll end up being a tester and keeps pointing out issues here and stop enjoying the flying. Especially when you start flying then you open dev mode to see how the flight dynamics are doing, the FPS counter, everything.

I’ve decided to let the folks who knows better about what the sim should be to keep pushing the devs to make the improvements, while I just accept the sim at the state it’s in and just enjoy it. And as the sim realism improves, I’ll just accept that future state and if I’m having any difficulty in flying then I’ll just adjust my own style to mitigate it.


I agree.
Otherwise you would go insane pointing out errors everywhere. FSX was always a WIP some had it better due system specs. Seems MSFS 2020 will also be.
FBW Error…


The sim is really great. Never have I had that immersion. But I will keep on reporting what I feel is not quite right. Info can never be bad - even if it is not shared. :slight_smile:

Here is an example of what I mean. It’s the JF Arrow payware, but I see this behavior in default aircraft as well.

The Arrow III is considered high quality, so if they don’t manage to smoothen out the flight behavior, there seems to be some sort of problem.

The landing is botched, but the guy is an actual commercial flight instructor - so it shouldn’t be his inexperience. :wink:

That ‘arrival’ was pretty embarrassing for an flight instructor.
I wouldn’t have uploaded this video.

Yaw behavior on the JF Arrow is definitely off.
Yaw behavior with the majority of the default aircraft has noticeable improved with SU IV.

It feels like the aircraft are on springs. That’s the only way I can describe it.

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I agree, the approach was not stable at all, still you can see the reaction of the aicraft being unrealistically responsive IMO.

Again, the JF Arrow is a bad example, but again, I’m not seing unrealistic response in any of the default aicraft.
Yaw stability is too high on a few aircraft AFAIR, but that’s still WIP.

That said, IRL it can be similar.

All the movements in your video seem much smoother IMO.

Strange. I don’t see smooth movements, especially not after 11:00.

What joystick are you using and what are your sensitivity settings?

You can clearly see that there is mass in play in your video. Even if it wobbles around violently it’s a smooth acceleration. In MSFS the planes feel mass-less / instant somehow. Especially with rudder and elevator.

From the default aircraft I really like the Robin, as it feels more stable. It has other issues though, like seemingly not enough power - but that could be due to my lack of knowledge about the Robin. Only flew it once - years ago.

Is that really an error though? The mass of fuel which fits in a fuel tank is variable as it depends on the density of the fuel. The data from the AFM is generally based on standard fuel SG. Fuel tank volume is fixed of course, but the mass of a volume of fuel is variable.