Why do I see this? It’s not one of the training flights

RJTT ILS 34R, just a regular flight.

Yes, that is a setting you have enabled.
In Assistance Options, Navigation Options, turn Landing Path off

The question is: Why I am not seeing these landing guides in 99,9% of all my flights, even after planning the landing on a specific airport?
Yesterday it popped up randomly above the airport I was already parking on the end of the runway, and it was kinda fun following this path a few times to make some nice touch and go`s with the Skymaster…

After it randomly popped up, did you check at another airport to see if it could be duplicated.
Was the option “tuned on” by MSFS somehow?
MSFS changing user settings is quite common, but I haven’t seen this one changed before, and it’s normally with an update!

I’ve not heard of it as a bug, but I have seen occasional assistant options get turned on when I wasn’t expecting them. Could it be an accidental activation from the inflight assistant menu or key binding?

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There are two ways to enable this.
In assistance options, on or off but also under the on screen drop down for ai assistance, combined with taxi arrows, for some unknown reason.

If you don’t want this always on, set assistance options to Off, but you still can use if you want too, under the drop down, but remember to set it to Off afterwards.

I did check, it was OFF

From the On Screen Menu icon when you have the sim running, select Flight Assistant and check if “Landing and Taxi Guides” showing on in there.

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That could be it, even though I don’t usually use the ribbon. I didn’t even know the ribbon also activated the Landing Guide. Thanks!

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