Why do people want a study level airliner?

Why? I dont get it.

Isnt good enough if the airliners in fs2020 had no bugs?

  • Realism
  • Immersion
  • Simulation
  • I like to learn
  • All of the above :point_left:t2:

I can understand, even though I’m not big on airliners. I’d love a study level C172 and TBM 930.


I don’t need study level since no study level plane simulates everything anyway. All i want is current planes working without issues and they would be pretty close to study level. So we already have A320 improved by some people and i hope other teams will work on other planes.
Study level is a marketing term to fool people. It’s still a game.


Oh my, you just reminded me of all the lost hours I spent explaining to people why I bought a load of overpriced Hi-Fi separates instead of a simpler combo system - You can never get those back, you know :sob:


I’d love a study level GA for example. But given the current state of default aircraft, I would be extremely happy to have all the bugs sorted out first, before adding new features


Why do people want anything? We all have different tastes and different things we enjoy. I’m sure some people enjoy having something to sink their teeth into and have fun mastering a more complex and “realistic” aircraft.


I totally get what you mean. The way that I see this is, for example in the context of the Airliners: there are quite a few elements that appear to have been in-scope for the developers (i.e, that were included in the default sim) but remain only partially implemented or downright broken. I would LOVE if Asobo would just focus to fix the bugs, but again, it is not clear what is a bug and what is a feature.

This line between what was intended to be included but currently broken, vs. things that are simply out of scope and will remain forever partially implemented is a blurry one.

People expectations are out there, and until Asobo publishes some sort of reference manual (glaring omission on its own right BTW) to help clarify what is what, I think it is right for people to have both high and broad expectations and be frustrated by the current status.


Please define study level and how it’s important over a simple aircraft. What does it have to be to be study level and why call it that?

It interests me purely as it spoken about in such terms when we have AI control?

Does the Ai control not work in it or is it because you spend all the time studying the controls and not what’s outside the window?

Are external cameras not included and only views from the cockpit, to ensure Emerson and realism?

And please, this isn’t a dig, or a troll post. I’m not new to Sims but I never saw this reference before And I’m quite honestly stumped when I see people requesting this. I guess it’s because I have never overly frequented reddit or avsim or similar.

Edit… I just read this thread here…

I get it… right. A 10 minute read and I actually learnt something. Probably should have googled before I posted.

Must say I can understand that desire.

The simple answer is that because study level airliners are a lot of fun for some people.

They’re a lot more niche than some paint them as, and (as one who loves them), I have a strong feeling that a lot of the people bemoaning the fact that it’ll take a year for PMDG’s 737 to be released for MSFS, wouldn’t even be able to get to engine ignition, let alone spending $90 on that kind of package.

But they do fill a niche for people who love maximum realism, so they’re definitely a great addition to any sim.

What most ignore or forget, is that it took several years for that kind of complexity to reach all competing flight simulators.

If we get a proper, no-compromise study-level airliner in a year from MSFS’s release, it’ll be by far the fastest in the history of the genre.


Exactly. Coundnt agree more. I just want an aircraft with no bugs and if that is just a couple thats fine. I am not that fussed about the Japan update or other stuff when the basics need so much work


I think for the same reason that some people want to go on a ferrari, although a cheaper car will get you from A to B without problems and " bugs" . Study level is simply more fun


Well, it’s all about fidelity. Is the simple answer.

I imagine most serious simmers want the best, most realistic aircraft. And the best, most realistic sim platform to fly them in.

However, I for one rarely buy aircraft - study level or otherwise - because the prices get a bit silly.

But hey.
Horses for courses.

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it comes from the desire to know something that we did not know yesterday, or to know something better than we did yesterday.
No, I did not expect to get that level of implementation for the price I paid to MS/Asobo.
And I agree with all, who said, fix the known defects first.


Wanting to simulate flying in a flying simulator, who would want that /s


Bug free planes would be enough for me

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For the same reason I learned how to play the guitar, instead of pretending to be a guitarist in guitar hero.


or for the same reason a medical student wants to learn surgery and uses InSimo ( https://www.insimo.com ) instead of pretending to be a surgeon in Surgeon Simulator (a comedy video game available on Steam).

I was gonna type out a long answer to OP’s question but then noticed your reply quoted above and thought: “Nah…he settled the case right there right now” :smiley:

P.S. to OP @Eddrik84 : I have to say a more appropriate way of asking the question would be: “Why do people want a study level aircraft?”

This is because not only airliners, but also many other GA aircraft can be study level. Case in point: Almost all GA aircraft made by A2A Simulations, some others by Milviz, then HotStart TBM for XP11, and countless others…these are not airliners yet very highly detailed, study-level aircraft. Two of the military prop trainer aircraft developed by A2A Simulations are used by the US Airforce even.


Wet dreams to land an airliner if there is something wrong with all pilots and there is nobody else in the cabin to do that lol ))