Why do we not have a fly by view after 2 years

Why is it so difficult for Asobo/Microsoft to implement a fly by view and just ignore the request
of the community or is it really that difficult to do?


Same reason we dont have a tower view at airports, they dont want to do it.


Presumably, the same reason why we haven’t got multi monitor support or a cockpit HUD view for cockpit builders like we had in FSX.

I’m guessing they are not too bothered about doing these things … unfortunately :slightly_smiling_face:


i guess in the future,someone may move this topic to a so-called “whishlist” where those little wish never be implmented



Would be really great to view a CTD from a flyby perspective it seems while trying to land an aircraft as there is no easy to use native replay tool…

Yes a fly-by view would be absolutely great! I always like this camera most when making some good videos in other sims :slight_smile:

You have a drone camera… use it.


That has to be setup and interrupts the flight. What he wants is what I think I remember us having in FS9/X, a simple system where you pressed a button and automatically saw a flyby view without interrupting the flight. It was a good system and much easier than what we have now, a convoluted approach at best.


Yes that is exactly what I’m talking about 1 button press.


Common prior sim platform features just aren’t so common in MSFS.

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Exactly. This is very easy to implement, but they have different priorities. Tower view was my most used view type in MSFS in all previous versions, but there is still missing. Flyby view I don´t need, but tower view yes. Very nice to use it for aerobatic, for flying around airport, for flyby´s etc. Asobo, please, implement TW ASAP, it don´t take much time to do it. THX.

so can you tell me how to make a fly by view in on key press?

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You know that the Multi Monitor comes with the SU10?

Cockpit Hud ? like cockpit view without display/panel ? is already available with ProSim and CapitainSim :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like everything including the kitchen sink is coming with SU10. I wouldn’t hold my breath, regardless of what THEY have said. History has proven that what is said and what is seen are different.


Maybe we don’t have all these neat feature that other Flight Simulator have, because of some arrogant (Can’t think of a better word) attitude, that Asobo do NOT need to look at other sims, like XP11, to know how to design and make a Flight Simulator – and they have actually admitted to this numerous time. :scream:

Why look at XP11, when you have FSX source code to learn all you need to base your design on …


That’s the most frustrating part, it’s like they’ve never seen the basic features of FSX, either. I think it’s because this was first and foremost a technology platform (just my pet theory.) They chopped all features that didn’t expressly relate to the core technologies, and are slowly (hopefully) adding them in. We may see MSFS have the core features of FSX… at the end of the 10 year development plan :older_adult:

Edit: Not to sound wholly ungrateful. I love MSFS, but I can’t pretend it isn’t riddled with shortcomings compared to other sims despite excelling in some new areas the franchise never excelled in before.

I hope it’s for no other reason to keep you guys up at night.

Drone camera? Doesn’t work…

Drone camera system is not intuitive to use and when you think you have made a sort of fly by view you even can’t save it… so, yeah, “use your drone camera” :rofl: