Why does ground AI traffic affect fps so much?

I locked my fps to 40, I almost have no problems after the performance update and my fps is almost at 40 most of the time. But whenever I increase ground vehicle traffic (even 30% or so), it kills my fps. but without ground traffic, the sim looks so empty.
what are you doing dealing with this situation?

9700k, rtx3070, 32gb ram, 2k monitor.

I’m on i9-9900K, RTX 2080 Ti, 32 GB RAM 4K TV.

And I set my Ground Aircraft Density to 100%, and I still get 30 fps.

that’s quite impressive. yesterday i landed to ksfw and my fps killed because of traffic. I think i need low res ai planes instead of default high poly airbuses

I’ve already disabled the low-poly generic traffic and forced the sim to use the Airbus as the only traffic model.

that’s even more weird

Not really that weird. I’m sure your system might prefer one model to load, than 12 different ones. The same would go for every other model loaded. Like fuel trucks, buses, baggage trucks etc.
I’m having a rough choice picking between which to see more of, ai traffic, or the airport “litter” .

I am no expert but i am not sure it is better to load same very high poly model x15 times than loading low poly 15 different models.
when I play dcs world, when I add multiple same units, assume playable f-18’s, my fps decreases. But when I add low poly AI f-18’s and other AI planes, my fps stays much better.

depends how the game is designed. if they are actually loaded separately, or if they are instances. The same way trees, grass, and bushes are copied. Xplane just switched their AI over to that method Just last summer, it made a huge difference.

Is there anyway for asosbo to improve the performance of AI traffic, sort of like how Xplane handles Ai traffic?