Why does MSFS LOVE LOVE LOVE photobombing scenery with vehicles?

Seems 75% of the time or more, I add some objects to scenery, MSFS decides it’s a super-awesome idea to throw some scenery right in there with mine. Ground vehicles loiter HARD.

So, here’s a scene where I placed a few people on an otherwise desolate ramp - and suddenly, there’s a plane parked RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM and a ground vehicle that circles then just invites itself to park.

Is there a way to make MSFS knock it off?

Change the parking types to DOCK_GA will remove all AI vehicles

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Thanks - I’m assuming we have to use something like Airport Design Editor to do that?

I’ve seen this many times. My suspicion is that ground vehicles home in on your position, typically during taxi. I’ve been meaning to test this for ages. As soon as you request taxi to the active, typically that’s when forklifts, buses, and other service vehicles will try their best to get in front of you.

My assumption is this is an attempt to make airports seem alive.

When I do get around to doing this, what I would probably do is spawn in then just sit there for 5-10 minutes to observe ground traffic behaviour. Then contact Ground, make my requests, then continue observing ground vehicles. Finally start taxi, and again check for a change in behaviour. I’ve seen it too many times to believe its mere coincidence.

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I think you’re right about it being a result of MSFS trying to appear more “live”.

Not sure about calling for taxi as I never do that - everyone just shows up when I place scenery & look at it… lol. I was looking at a few of the car models a few weeks ago by just placing them near a small building, and as I’m looking at them from near ground level, a bus pulls right in front of me, blocking them from my view.

Ok then…

That one, or use this utility
And then modify using the included scenery Editor (aka the SDK)

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thanks! I’ll check it out.