Why does the hornet feel sluggish now?

I couple of months ago the hornet felt nimble, responsive and agile. Now it takes too long to roll, pitch and change direction.

What did Asobo do to the physics on this aircraft? I’ve sees vids of actual F18 pilots really pushing it with the Gs and the aircraft looks reasonably agile.

Yet in the game,even at around 400kts IAS it feels sluggish when rolling, pitching or changing direction.

I remember it being a lot more responsive when I started playing msfs20 a few months back

Uhh … anyone? :sweat_smile:

How can I speak to an Asobo dev here?

Have you changed any settings? (Like changing flight model, controller sensitivity, etc.)

Nope,never. Same settings since day one. All other planes feel the same but since the maverick update and one more after that I think, it’s been feeling sluggish and not as responsive.

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