Why does the World Map terrain detail fade out as you zoom in?

This is so aggravating, especially when trying to plan a flight in high terrain. It’s like they’re actively thinking of ways to frustrate people… I imagine hearing something like this in an Asobo meeting:

“Oh, hey, I know… Let’s LOSE detail as they zoom in”.

“That’s hilarious Doug, and just in time for release! Anyone else got anything?”

Why would you need it? Surely it is far far easier to make a flightplan with something like Little Navmap and then simply export it to the sim?

I’m sure it could be done - but probably at a cost of vastly longer loadiing time, data transfer etc etc. I suppose some form of tie-up with the scenery files might be possible but I’m no programmer.

But as we already know, you can’t have everything in the toy shop!

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Why would I want to see the terrain in my intended flight path? Probably for the same reason VFR sectionals put the elevations of high terrain on the map - so you know what to expect.

And seriously, for how long are people going to defend the sim by saying stuff like "well you don’t need it if you buy charts, or use this 3rd party app, or ‘pilots in real life… yadda yadda yadda’.

Lastly, the details ARE there in the map… but they fade them away as you zoom in- that’s what gets me. They’re already there, I’m not asking for higher resolution terrain, I’m just wondering why the hell they would fade them out. It makes no sense.


I came to the conclusion that MS/Asobo did that to make you buy third party stuff. The data is available and needed to plan a flight. The basics of flight planning are missing. I dont realy get it.